JAMDAT Mobile Knocks Another One Out of the Park with Home Run Derby Mobile Phone Users Invited to Swing for the Fences



Monday July 09, 2001



JAMDAT Mobile Knocks Another One Out of the Park with Home Run Derby Mobile Phone Users Invited to Swing for the Fences

JAMDAT Mobile, a leading provider of middleware technologies and services for the creation, distribution and monitoring of mobile entertainment applications, today launched its latest cell phone game, Home Run Derby. The baseball title is available on leading wireless networks, as well as on JAMDAT's WAP site.

"With the All-Star Game right around the corner, we know that fans will appreciate a fun, addictive baseball title that captures the excitement of the duel between pitcher and batter," said Scott Lahman, studios president of JAMDAT Mobile.

Home Run Derby allows players to create and customize their own batters and pitchers, and compete to see if they have more home run power than their opponents. In the three-inning game, it's a sprint to see who can hit the most home runs while also throwing deceptive pitches to limit the opponent's offense.

The batter's statistics are then saved and adjusted each time a game is played, providing fun and relevant feedback about the strength of the player.

About JAMDAT Mobile

Los Angeles-based JAMDAT Mobile www.jamdatmobile.com is a leading provider of mobile entertainment products, services and enabling technologies to wireless carriers, independent developers and publishers around the world. Founded by interactive entertainment executives from Activision (NASDAQ: ATVI) and backed by wireless infrastructure leaders Qualcomm (NASDAQ: QCOM), Sun Microsystems (NASDAQ: SUNW), and Intel (NASDAQ: INTC), JAMDAT is at the forefront of the technological and creative evolution in wireless entertainment. JAMDAT has created a suite of carrier-grade enabling technologies based on open standards such as Java, BREW, IPDR, J2ME and XML that allow applications to be hosted, provisioned, tracked and authenticated across all devices and networks without requiring the adoption of a standardized application delivery platform.

JAMDAT has proven the effectiveness of its middleware technologies with Gladiator, one of the most successful multiplayer mobile games in the world, attracting over 800,000 unique users and generating over 10 million minutes of airtime since its October 2000 launch. JAMDAT is currently integrating with its carrier customers on next generation billing solutions as well as facilitating content migration from WAP to next generation technologies such as BREW and J2ME. JAMDAT's unique combination of creative and technological expertise has positioned the company as the preferred mobile entertainment partner for wireless carriers, infrastructure companies, independent developers and publishers.




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