Women of Enron




  Women of Enron


On December 03, 2001, Enron which is one of the biggest energy company in the world filled for the largest corporate bankruptcy in American history and laid off 4000 workers. Since many workers held stocks of the company they lost their money as well.

Playboy saw 2 opportunity in this bad situation first to do a Women of Enron pictorial and to actually help some women in that mess.

When the news spread Of Playboy's intend they received over 300 photographs of former and current Enron employees who wanted to appear in the magazine.

So they went to Houston, Texas home of Enron to go shoot the pictorial of the women they have chosen.

Shari Daugherty, Taria Reed, Janine H. Howard, Maya Arthur, Christine Nielsen, Lori Hodges, Carey M. Lorenzo and Vanessa Schulte are the Women of Enron in this video.

This video is actually the process of before and until the shoot of the pictorials for the magazine for each woman.

You will learn about who they are and and how they felt about posing for Playboy.

Since they are not professional models you will see what Playboy did to make sure they where comfortable during the shoot.

You will also hear comment by their family and friends plus Photography Editor's Jim Larson, Photographer's Gen Nishino, Makeup Artist's Gareth Green, Stylist's Debbe May and Set Styling's Chris Young.

This video not only will you be able to see and hear what actually happens behind this pictorial shoot but it also shows how losing their job turn out better then each of them ever imagine.


Shari Daugherty

Taria Reed

Janine H. Howard

Maya Arthur

Christine Nielsen

Lori Hodges

Carey M. Lorenzo

Vanessa Schulte


Executive Producer
Hugh M. Hefner

Produced by
Frank Martin
Rudy Poe

Written by
Frank Martin
Pamela Lane

Segment Producers
Pamela Lane
Marci Klein

Coordinating Producer
Andrew Swift

Dan Nissila

Ron Snow

Directors of Photography
Tony Croll
Jon Darbonne

Playboy Entertainment Group

Street Date
Summer 2002

Official Site

Playboy Pictorial

"A" Adult

Running Time
Approximately 55 minutes

Suggested Retail Price
$19.98 for DVD &VHS




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