Second - Annual
Hasbro Interactive
Game Day

Monday, November 29, 1999

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On November 23, Hasbro conducted their Second-Annual Game day at the internet café, Electric Beans in Toronto. The official representatives of Hasbro were their to present us their latest games.


Our own LadyDragon was flew in to the event at the internet Electric Bean café in Toronto courtesy of Hasbro Interactive. At the café we were able to try and their new games first hand. All their new line up was available for us to try from their email games like X-Com to their Family game like Super Scattegories.

Here is the list of their games you can look forward too this available for the Christmas Holiday's

Email Games

Email games are getting quite popular that is why they release more for us to enjoy when we go get our mail. These are the email games now available to purchase Scrabble, Battleship, Chess, Nascar, NFL Football, X-Com and Clue and Risk to be release.

Atari Games

Atari old games are quite a success for Hasbro so that is why they bringing them on PC but now in a 3D world. You can play Pong in a table-tennis-style, with Q*Bert you navigate in a cube mazes, and Tetris is back with new graphics and sounds with a multiplayer mode

Kids and Children Games

If you are looking for games for your child this Christmas. Tonka Construction II is back with 14 Tonka vehicles in six new landscapes, CatDog Nickelson is arcade-style adventure of a a two head creature in one body, Furby where you explore different worlds has Furby, Thomas and Friends you will help Thomas getting ready for a festivals, Stuart Little the favorite children mouse takes on The Big Apple and 5 more cities in a fun adventure and a new version of Monopoly in a 3D - amusement park.

Adult Games

In the Adult games they had their best sellers of the year RollerCoaster Tycoon, where you build an amusement park with of course roller coasters in it, Worms Armageddon a unique fun action strategy game where you need to position your worms to win and Nerf ArenBlast 3D shooter kind of games with bright colors where you need to blast your way through 8 arenas so you can win the Nerf ArenaBlast Championship.

Interactive Games

All these interactive games you will interact differently with each of them. The Easy Bake Kitchen where you have key-top playset kitchen counter full of appliance like a mini-oven and a cake decorator, Nerf Junior Foam Fighter that comes with gun where you shoot at different moving target and Clue Jr. SpyGlas that comes with a SpyGlass to help you find clues to explore and find the precious artifact that was stolen in the museum.

Family Games

Hasbro is without a doubt the best family game company. Super Scattegories where you need to come up with the best word in order to win, Rubik's Game the famous cube game, Howard Mark Video Casino Game play blackjack , poker and more. We also were treated with a new version of there classic like Monopoly, Trivia Pursuit II and Scrabble II making better then ever.

Like you can see Hasbro Interactive works hard in being a leader in the industry by developing, publishing and distributing high quality games. Last year they bough Microprose and this year Wizard of the Coast. I had the chance at lunch to discuss that with Joan Ramsay the marketing and sales director of Canada. I was discussing that GT Interactive was bought by Infogrames and that Hasbro was interested in buying it also at one point. I ask her if they were planning to buy more companies ? If something comes up and it make sense in their plan they might buy more. she Joan. As of now they are the third biggest publisher so I think they are here to stay as leader in the industry for high quality games. Already Their new divisions Wizard of the Coast has bough the license to develop the RPG games of Lucas Arts the Star Wars series. So they are entering the new millennium with a strong line up.

LadyDragon.Com would like to thank Joan Ramsay, Stephanie Baxter, Terry McArcren and Shanon Rainey for flying us to Toronto so we could cover their Conference.

- LadyDragon


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