Interview with Butch Freedhoff concerning the launch of the PlayStation 2

Friday September 29, 2000

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Butch Freedhoff, the General Manager of Playstation of Canada has joined us to give us more details on the launch of their new console the PlayStation 2 following Sony's announcement to reduce the units at the launch from 1 million to 500 000. 





LD - Since Sony has now 500 000 units for the North American market do you have any specific numbers for Canada?

Butch - The exact numbers for Canada can not be disclose right now but I can tell you that we will have our fair share not just a token of it.

LD - What can you tell us about your distribution channel in Canada?

Butch - All big chain store are the one that has priority because of their demographic reach and support that they have giving us in the past among them are Wallmart, Zellers, Toys'r Us, Microplay, Electronic Boutique, Canadian Tire. Also Blockbuster and Rogers were given some so they can rent it to the consumers that will not get the chance to buy one.

LD - I have heard that some stores are required the consumers to buy 2 or 3 games in order to be able to get the console also, is it Sony or the store that has set this requirement?

Butch - Sony has no requirements of that sort, it the store doing not us.

LD - What exactly is the breakdown of the 270 software that are the works presently?

Butch - Presently 301 content developers and publishers are working on 270 titles which we will be 26 at the launch and 50 for the Christmas time to make a total of 150 titles for our year end fiscal year on March 31.

LD - Which title is being developed for the north American market?

Butch - Our first party game called FantaVision 

LD - I notice that no 989 Studio's titles were announced in the line up do you know when they will com out?

Butch - Yes all the popular 989 Studios titles are in development right now and should be available before Christmas.

LD - Concerning the launch titles their was no titles like Spyro gear to the young crowd of gamers, is there a reason why?

Butch - Yes there is. We have 2 different strategies one for each market, the PlayStation 2 is geared toward the adult gamers and the PS one is geared for the younger gamers like that we are dominating the living room by covering both markets with our 2 consoles. Still you can play if you want Spyro on the PlayStation 2 since it is backward compatible with all the 800 titles already out on the market.

LD - Which operating system is in the new PlayStation 2 ?

Butch - Sony has created a new operating system called the Emotion Engine which will give the games more realisms and more definitions to the graphics.

LD - What is the length of play for the PlayStation 2 ?

Butch - We have now 2 distinct businesses, so our new strategy is to gear up the PlayStation towards the younger crowd and the PlayStation 2 will be more like a family Entertainment Unit. With the Multi Tap Adaptor you will be able to play with up to 8 players at the same time and it also has the ability to watch movies on it. We plan to dominate the living rooms of the world with our 2 consoles.

LD - Will the new Multi Tap where we can play up to 8 players at the same time be available at launch?

Butch - Yes, the new Multi Tap, Stands, Memory Cards and DUALSHOCK 2 Analog Controller will be available at the launch.

LD - Silent Scope from Konami is best played with a visor and a gun will you have that too at the launch?

Butch - No those will not available for that launch.

LD - Do you have a date already set to announce your Internet online Network?

Butch - We are still working on the Internet Network and I have not yet received a definite date for the announcement.

interviewer : LadyDragon

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