Interview With the Executive
members of Hasbro

Monday, November 30, 1998

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On November 17th, Hasbro conducted a conference at Electric Beans in Toronto. The official representatives of Hasbro were joined by those of Microprose in presenting their latest games and in answering our questions.


Our own LadyDragon was flew in to the event at the internet café in Toronto which presented the Hasbro company. It should be mentioned that the designer of the hit game, Klingon Honor Guard, Christopher David Clack, who was responsible for its promotion in Canada was applauded for his efforts. During the interview, the objective of Hasbro became clear: the simple promotion of its products throughout all of Canada, including Quebec, of course. The details of the interview are below:

Why have you chosen Canada as a promotion site for the Hasbro Company?

We noted that the consumers of here itself démarquent of several other places in the World. There is more people with a computer and have straight them also to be informed of the last innovations in the recreational gaming world.

Hasbro is well-recognized for its ability to bring back the classics in "Return" games. How do you explain the success of these adapted games?

In our opinion, it is clear that people like varied games that are not always so complicated. Take Jeopardy for example. The television show is very popular but it would be somewhat difficult to play as a board game. The computer offers more interactivity and allows amateurs to play these corporation games too. Also, it is possible to play several of these games via the Internet against a competitor situated across the world.

The game Klingon Honor Guard is not well-known in Canada, do you think it will have great success here?

We are confident that Klingon Honor Guard is a game which is marked by the manner of which history itself unfolds. Klingons do not like to be beaten with rifles, they prefer hand-to-hand combat. This is the mind-set that we have used in creating this game. We think that fans of Star Trek will find a special interest in acting as a Klingon. Trekkies are everywhere, including Canada.

Will Hasbro be more and more evident at future events in Canada ?

Certainly, yes. It is essential that Hasbro be present at each event. If the consumer is not informed of the latest innovations through such promotions, then our products will fail. It is important to be in contact with the people who support us and those whose needs we support.

Jeopardy is an excellent game, but the return of Clue is surprising to say the least. Do you foresee a sequel to Clue?

Whew! Good question. When a title is popular, it is interesting to continue the tradition and produce sequels. On the other hand, Clue was inspired by a board game which is not the case in the majority of games. Who knows what one can expect with all the miracles of technology!

LadyDragon is happy to see that the companies in the gaming industry are beginning to show themselves here in Canada.

Canada has become a strategic point. The sales proved that there is a substantial request and if there is a strong demand, it is therefore necessary to supply that need and to offer the consumers the latest products in the industry.

We thank you. One last question before leaving. Will Quebec be pinpointed for your next promotion?

Everywhere that we can participate in an event, we will be present, including Quebec, of course. Furthermore, Quebec is a very computer-literate city. Thank you for allowing us to come and for the pleasure of your interview.


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