Interview with the Executive president of Strategy First Inc.

Friday, December 11, 1998

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Many have never heard of this new gaming company. But that won't be true for long. Strategy First, Inc. will be launching two new excellent games in the month of March which promise to be gaming winners.


LadyDragon was fortunate enough to speak with Genevieve and Steve Wall of Strategy First Inc. The warm welcome we received from the executives of this enterprise made it apparent that they are ready for the future. Two new games will be released from their company in the month of March, and believe me, as a player, I can say that you will not be disappointed! Clans will be published some weeks after the coming of Man of War 2, which will allow the fanatics of medieval games to rediscover all the elements of action and adventure. Man of War 2 will even let a player choose a country and make your way up the ladder to become an admiral!

Few People know of your hit games here in Montréal, How do you see things in the future?

Steve: "We are a growing company. Man of War was the first strategy game offered by Strategy First, Inc. and Virgin and that was close to two years ago. Since then, we have been working on new titles for the expansion of our company. All companies in the gaming industry began as small companies. Such is the nature of the business."

As to Man of War 2, is this a sequel to Man of war?

Steve:"The original version of Man of War was a game that included turns. The new version offers a lot more realism, using in a real-time engine. It is a return of the original game but giving more of the sensation of what it is like to be on a vessel with crew sounds everywhere and a real-time engine. We believe it is the best multi-player vehicle also. More than 140 players can play against one another!

In large strategy games that unfold on the high seas, what must be done in order to set them in such faraway lands?

Steve :" I have a fascination for games having to do with past wars. These games set on the high seas are done differently in order to obtain the interest of the gamer and use new tactics. You can see the hordes of vessels attacking you on all sides, and with the noises and voices, it is more like a true replication of a sea fight."

The other title that will come out in March, Clans, how do you perceive this game?

Steve:"Clans is an action game and a medieval adventure where one attacks, but also must advance through different levels. Four persons are available to play: the Warrior, the Barbarian, the Dwarf and the Elf. They enter into fights against the hordes of Chaos to return the kingdom to peace. The game has a special concept for it is necessary to resolve puzzles while defending against enemies. Several of the playing characters were integrated with personalities depicted in history to make the game more complex."

Clans seems to me to be a mixture of Diablo and Hexplore but with some differences. What audience is this game aimed toward?

Steve:"The RPG enthusiast will love the game Clans. It is programmed so that the graphs are consistent with good details and we owe thanks to the collaboration of our Swedish firm who originated it. The fans of Diablo will like the game, especially the fighting. But again, Clans is not only a fighting game. Players will have to find hidden secrets in each level. A fearsome challenge awaits them!"

From what I've seen, Clans will be a big hit in Montréal. The quality of your games appears to be very important to Strategy First.

Steve:"In effect, the consumer must be satisfied with their purchase. Strategy First devotes a lot of time to test our titles so that the quality is high. The gameplay is a Other important factor. Both Clans and Man of War 2 were originally made with elaborate concepts in order to stand up to our quality of games."

What do you think of Montréal as a development place in the industry of the video game?

Steve: "Montréal is a beautiful city that is a good place to live, The fact that First Strategy is here is proof that we want to see our products everywhere in the world. We have, in the past, realized that the gaming industry here is solid and thus, have assessed each step of our Company. Now, I believe that it is time for us to be known by the people of Quebec. I am happy to see that there is a big interest in Quebec for the video game market. "

This company will surely become very well-known in the future and this it is always interesting to contribute to the visibility of such a company. LadyDragon was fortunate to see these two Games which promise to be winners. . Strategy First has its foot in the door of Montréal and from what we saw, it seems that they will remain a long time here. For more information on First Strategy, visit their site at the following address: www. strategyfirst. com


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