Press Conference of Playstation Canada

Friday, February 5th, 1999

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Last wednesday, february 3rd, Playstation set up the first teleconference to inform the press member on the different facets of the intentions concerning North America by Playstation Canada. For that, Behavior, Radical Entertainment and an expert player called Nelson was present.


Playstation Canada's president, Butch Freedhoff, said that the Playstation console beat sales records for 1998 again. They surpass their own record for the 3rd time in 3 years, over 4 millions of consoles where sold this year. From the beginning, in America, over 16 million consoles where sold. Then, over 600 titles will be available before the end of 1999. For their success, the company base on innovation, the quality and the music of a product. As the president said, if the playstation is still a lot inquiry, it's because the console offers all the quality asked by a player.

For this event, Ian Wilkinson, Radical Entertainement's president (located in Vancouver) explained the reasons for which a company stay on the market. Radical always look for other way to make games interesting. At the beginning, the company was compose by two members and now, over 40 people work for Radical. We have to say that over the years, Radical offered excellent titles to the players.

Rémi Racine, general director of Behaviour Interactive participate also. Behaviour is a company based in Quebec. The company now have over 40 employees and they specialize in games and multimedia. For those who never heard of them, well they recently made the game Jersey Devil for the Playstation. The company actually works closely with Warner Brothers about a Bugs Bunny game. Their will also be a sequel to Jersey Devil soon. Like Radical, Behaviour makes musically and graphically good quality games. For Jersey Devil they hired an orchestra.

Nelson, an expert player was present. Like he said, the quality of a game is quickly seen. He used as example games like Final Fantasy, resident Evil and Tomb Raider. When you use cinematics you get the player's attention, he always want to know what happened next.

Finally, they were all confident about the Playstation's quality and future. Of course, they didn't want to talk about Playstation 2. Still, we know that the present console can face the market against the Nintendo 64 and the Dreamcast for another year. Obviously, in about 2 years from now, the next generation of the Playstation will take over, Stay in touch!

Unfortunaltely, I didn't get a chance to ask my question, time was limited and only 5 or 6 questions have been answered. Somewhere, a question retain my attention, a member press asked if the price of the Playstation console will drop to 99$ like in the united States. In my opinion, this question made me laugh. If you remember at the beginning, a first generation of Nintendo was sold over 400$ and about 329$ was needed for a Colecovision. I personnaly think that the price of the consoles is actually affordable and for about 200$, you get a great game console. So, in conclusion the fact is that Canada is a great target for the inquiry and devolpment of games.


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