Playstation 2

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Sony announce in Tokyo yesterday more official information concerning the new Playstation and followed by a teleconference of almost 2 hours.


Here are the detail that was reveal in a Teleconference Call Monday night September 13, concerning the latest information on the new console from Sony Computer entertainment of America concerning about the Playstation 2.

First it was confirmed that the name will be Playstation 2 and that M.Goto made a deferent design then the Playstation. With the Playstation 2 in will first have 2 views an horizontal and and vertical ( see the picture ) where you will open a draw to put the CD instead of a lid. The color will be "Space Black" and the CD games will be blue instead of black and the DVD will be silver. An entire new packages will be design for the games, it will be more like a DVD packages so that there is no confusion to which Playstation console the game belong to.

The launch date in Japan will be March 4, 2000 at a retail price of 39 yen the same as 1994, the year that Playstation came out. And the launch in North America will be in the fall of the year 2000. Also they have shipped over an hundreds developer console and they will ship over a 1000 more in the coming weeks so they can start developing games.

They spoke more about the Japan launch and the specification of the hardware and what are the future plans for it. Concerning the north America launch they said that it is at the E3 exposition where we will get more in depth information like the names of the games and all but they confirm that 650 games would be out at the launch. That is not counting that they have already 3000 titles available through out the world combine with 21 millions machine already sold and that 20 millions peoples were owners of games in North-America.

They are confident in the success o the Playstation 2 because people will be able to make the transition to the new console at their own paste since it is backward compatible so you don't lose all your investment in the past games. They want to make Playstation a 1 continuous console. It was mention also that it was important that Sega had a good launch with their new console Dreamcast because it will build confident for retailer that new consoles are in demand so more likely to support their launch too next year.

The announcement was made to coincide with the Tokyo show. They release some pictures for us to see and confirmed that 85 titles where in the make by 128 Japanese developer for the Japan market and they are planning to get most of them here for the North-American launch. They have as up to date the support of developer through out the world so far there is 89 in Japan, 46 North - America and 27 in Europe.


Sony will also have a "middleware" program where they will act as match maker between the developer and the independent companies. What that does mean exactly is like if a developer needs a special in depth technology like Human Animation they can have access to a company that specialize in this field already instead of starting from scratch themselves. They already have more then 50 companies in there programs and many more to go,


Confirm also was that no modem will made with the Playstation 2 because Sony does not believe that the analog modem is the way to go for their long time plans, instead they are pushing more for the cable modem. A network will be available in the year 2001, where you will be able to download games, demos and more. Not much detail was reveal on that because it is still in developement and far to go.


As for the technology of the new Playstation 2 you can read the specification here in detail. They expanded on it a little bit it will have the dvd capability which will help developers in making games with new digital world.


The gave us also some information concerning the reduce price of the play the Playstation at 99$. 450 000 units was sold after the prize reduction meaning that the purchasing went up 119% for the console and 180 % for the software. They are expecting more to sell as their new 150 millions campaign begins for the holiday season. Their focus will primarily be these following games Dino Crisis by Capcom, Final Fantasy 8 by Square Soft, Pac Man by Namco, Thrasher by Rock Star games, Sled Storm by Electronic Arts and .


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