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Thursday November 19, 2009

ZAGG Introduces Upcoming Major Technology

Company Representatives Describe First Features of the ZAGGbox™

ZAGG Inc. (OTCBB:ZAGG), a leading producer of electronics accessories for protecting and enhancing the mobile experience, including the popular invisibleSHIELD™ and ZAGGaudio™ brands, announces they qualified as finalists for the Consumer Electronics Association i-stage 2009 competition. At the competition, ZAGG representatives introduced the first features of an upcoming major technology, the ZAGGbox™.

The ZAGGbox is the culmination of 6 years of development and an investment of over $35 million, undertaken by an external partner company with significant technical resources and expertise. ZAGG acquired the license to the technology and IP in 2009. The production of the ZAGGbox is with some of the largest CE manufacturers around the globe.

At the i-stage show, a major electronics industry event, ZAGG representatives demonstrated powerful integration technologies, including personal media storage and streaming. The initial features are:

  • The ZAGGbox easily records, stores, and plays your media. It is the media aggregator for videos, photos, and music in a single device. The ZAGGbox automatically reads and transcodes any video codec into two formats at one time; one for television viewing and a separate version optimized for the Apple iPhone/iPod family.
  • The ZAGGbox operates as a universal remote. It can control any connected device using video switching via analog or HD/SD video cables through IR blasting. The easy-to-use onscreen interface of the ZAGGbox allows users to manage their integrated home media equipment from one convenient control.
  • The ZAGGbox can stream all stored content to a mobile Internet device, such as an iPhone. The media content streams through UPnP, Video Podcasting, or a built-in web server. In addition, the ZAGGbox has the ability to aggregate the video from compatible security cameras, which can be viewed on a live stream with a mobile Internet device.
  • The ZAGGbox iPhone app provides easy access and control on the iPhone platform. ZAGG is also developing similar apps for other mobile platforms that will be released soon after launch.
  • The ZAGGbox allows for home automation. Utilizing the Z-Wave system, it will be compatible with security systems, HVAC systems, door locks, or lighting. This feature set will be available shortly after launch.

ZAGG expects the formal launch of the ZAGGbox at International CES 2010. Following the show, ZAGG will begin preorders online through ZAGG.com and is anticipated to begin shipping late in Q1 2010. Initial retail pricing for the ZAGGbox is anticipated to be under $999.

“We are introducing a game-changing technology with the ZAGGbox which will appeal to everyone from geeks to grandmas,” said Brian Packer, VP of Marketing of ZAGG. “It is a very powerful system, and very simple to use.”

“We were fortunate to be able to attract this amazing technology, because of our passion for delivering innovations like the ZAGGbox to market,” said Robert G. Pedersen II, President and CEO of ZAGG. “We have a savvy, innovative customer base and a track record of powerful marketing for the mobile experience. The introduction of the ZAGGbox is a timely, strategic fit for us to take to market.”

For information about ZAGG or any of their product lines, please visit www.ZAGG.com.

About ZAGG Inc.:

ZAGG is dedicated to protecting and enhancing the mobile experience. ZAGG designs, manufactures, and distributes protective clear coverings and accessories for consumer electronic and hand-held devices, worldwide under the brand names invisibleSHIELD™ and ZAGGaudio™. ZAGG has also introduced beta testing of AppSpace.com, an online destination for the fast-growing mobile app market, combined with the networking power of social media. The invisibleSHIELD is a protective, high-tech patented film covering, designed for iPods, laptops, cell phones, digital cameras, PDAs, watch faces, GPS systems, gaming devices, and other items. The patent-pending invisibleSHIELD application of clear protective film covering a device is the first scratch protection solution of its kind on the market, and has sold millions of units. Currently, ZAGG offers over 4,000 precision pre-cut designs with a lifetime replacement warranty through online channels, major retailers like Best Buy and RadioShack, resellers, college bookstores, Mac stores and mall kiosks. The company continues to increase its product lines to offer additional electronic accessories and services to its tech-savvy customer base. For more product or investor information please visit the company’s web site at www.ZAGG.com.




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