Doubles Backgammon



Doubles Backgammon

Nero loved it and Claudius adored it. For these great Emperors of Rome, backgammon was the game of choice. It has been stated that the notorious Emperor Nero was so enthralled by the game that at times he would wager as much as $15,000 a point. Claudius had a backgammon table mounted to his chariot so that he could play while traveling. As the Roman Empire grew, so too did the passion for backgammon. The Romans introduced it to Western Europe and from there it spread throughout the world. Backgammon, with its endless diversity of play, has continually changed throughout history. In the 13th century, players played with three dice and their pieces started from one side of the board. Now, backgammon has taken on yet another change.

Partners sit opposite each other with opponents at their sides. Players race their pieces around the board helping out their partner while attempting to shut out their opponents until their team's last piece is beared off and safely rests on their home table.

Game specifications: Board: 28" x 28" * Dice: 16mm 60 Pieces * Approx. Weight per game: 5 lbs





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