Exclusive Interview with April Hong



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Wednesday August 14, 2002


Exclusive Interview with April Hong, Voice talent for Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon

April Hong is a young actress in her early 20's who did the voice over of the characters Tabitha and Tiger girl in the video game Bruce lee : The Legend of the Dragon from Ronin and Vivendi Universal Publishing.

LadyDragon - How long did it take you to do the work on those characters ?

April Hong - About 2 hours.

LadyDragon - Did you do any Caption Motion Video in the game ?

April Hong - No, I did not

LadyDragon - Do you do martial art, if so what is your style ?

April Hong - Before I got this part I started to study Karate  because more roles are created with women having martial art fighting skills and I wanted to brighten my horizon and give myself more chance in landing roles of that sorts. Plus I did dancing in the past as well.

LadyDragon - How did you find out that they were looking for a voice actress with with a martial art background.?

April Hong - Jim Hong,  my father did voice over for some of the game characters as well so when they heard about me I got an audition with Margaret Tang and got the part.

LadyDragon - Did your skills as a martial artist helped you in this role and if so how did it help ?

April Hong - Yes my skills helped me because I like to mimic the moves while I yell, like if I do a kick yell I do a real kick in the studio as well. I like to incorporate everything so what it does is with my body involve with my voice it creates a more realistic yell kick.

LadyDragon - Do you play video games, if so do you have a favorite?

April Hong - Yes, I do love video games and when I do voice over I also imagine how it will sound once someone will play the game. No I do not have a favorite I like all genres.

LadyDragon - Have you done voice over before?

April Hong - Yes, I did voice over in Ghostbusters the Animated series.

LadyDragon - Do you like doing voice over?

April Hong - Oh yes and I love playing animals specially cats ?

LadyDragon - Why cats?

April Hong - Well cats are very moody so they allow me to do a range of emotion.

LadyDragon - Do you work for Universal or Ronin?

April Hong - No, I am currently in college and pursuing an acting career.

LadyDragon - What is your next project that you are working on?

April Hong - My next project is a western movie that is filmed in Tucson, Arizona.

We will keep you up to date if she does further work in the future in video games.


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