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LadyDragon's Eco-House Laboratory

LadyDragon invites you to participate in her LadyDragon's Eco-House Laboratory project by sponsoring or funding her project

Video presentation of LadyDragon's Eco-House Laboratory project

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LadyDragon's Eco-House Laboratory is where everything will be tested and documented in order to determine the best products and methods to be used in building the ultimate ecologically substainable, cold climate, house and shelter for animals.

These methods and products will be applicable to both new construction and renovations.

Each company has been carefully researched and is currently the best in its field.

Their products are beneficial for our health and for the environment.

This is a Multi-Phase project with unlimited potential:

Phase 1 - locate and purchase the land

Phase 2 - build LadyDragon's Eco-House Laboratory

Phase 3 - build a green house

Phase 4 - build a state-of-the-art small shelter for farm animals

Phase 5 - develop properties, houses and eco-villages based on research results

During and upon completion of the first 4 Phases, LadyDragon's unique and multi-facited project will provide an on-going research venue for evaluating products and methods for building and for caring for animals while living in harmony with nature.

One unique Design by LadyDragon is the supply of pure water throughout the house.

A special aspect of this feature is the potential health benefit.

Pure water, meaning distilled water, will be available everywhere to drink, bathe and shower.

All the plumbing, including the water heater, will be made of materials that will not contaminate the pure water.

Grey water will be recuperated for secondary purposes such as toilet use.

Glimpses of future Phases

Since the outdoor temperature ranges from +30 to -40C (+86 to -40F), this location is ideal for testing products, durabilities and functionalities during extreme weather conditions.

The location will also be used for testing products and methods in order to establish a perimeter of defence for optimal security.

Having access to a private lake provides additional testing opportunities for ethical recreational products, including non-motorised water transport.

LadyDragon's Eco-House Laboratory provides a unique opportunity to learn, participate and/or invest, sponsor in this exquisite and ecologically substainable project that will benefit all life forms on our planet, including the planet itself.

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