Twofish, Inc. Unveils Twofish Elements(tm)





Tuesday February 12, 2008



Twofish, Inc. Unveils Twofish Elements(tm)

Plug-and-play Economic Engine empowers game publishers to dynamically

adjust transaction, account and inventory policies to maximize profit

and game play appeal

Redwood City, CA - February 12, 2008 - Twofish, Inc. today launched Twofish Elements(tm), the game industry's first turnkey

solution for powering a dynamic and realistic in-game economy. A true

Economic Engine, Twofish Elements integrates seamlessly into games,

provides a flexible and secure banking and retail infrastructure, and

puts complex economic analytics at a game operator's fingertips.

The technology solves core problems with an emerging business model for

the video game industry, in which games are distributed for free and

players "pay-as-they-play," making small in-game purchases called


"Micro-transactions are here and now. But they require a whole new level

of sophistication for the games industry," said Lee Crawford , founder and CEO of Twofish.

"Developers understand storytelling and character development, but most

lack experience with financial markets and retail optimization. Twofish

Elements fills in the knowledge gap, giving developers a robust solution

that they can implement in weeks, rather than spending a year and

millions of dollars to develop a partial solution on their own."

Analysts from Pacific Crest believe the burgeoning online casual gaming

space will continue its rapid growth, reaching $725 million in 2008 with

15% of the revenue being driven by in-game, item-based, real money

purchases. To deal with the market shift, game publishers are in dire

need of a dedicated system designed with levels of security and fidelity

that are typically found within the banking community.

Twofish Elements is Twofish's answer to high development costs and steep

learning curves for developers who want to compete in the future of

online gaming. By empowering game publishers who use Twofish Elements

with the ability to simply and easily control real world economic

features, such as inventory logic, account management policies, complex

pricing models, flexible types of transactions, and a multicurrency

system, Twofish ensures that in-game economies will thrive and game

makers will profit.

The features provided by Twofish Elements represent a significant time

investment from Crawford and his in-house team, which includes a unique

set of expertise across game design, financial markets and consumer


"As a plug-and-play Economic Engine, our technology easily integrates

with any title, at any stage of development, and goes well beyond the

limited after-market solutions currently being offered to developers and

publishers," Crawford added. "Twofish Elements is much more than just a

point of sale solution or Band-Aid fix - it's the elemental core of a

game's economy."

Twofish Elements was conceived by Twofish founder and CEO Crawford,

whose unique expertise across game engineering (at Yahoo! Games,, and Segasoft Networks) and transaction processing

(Trintech, Inc.) has translated into industry-changing insights and


Founded in December 2006, Twofish has been venture funded by Venrock and

Rustic Canyon Partners.

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