Tabula Digita Reports More Teachers and Experts Embrace Educational Gaming in the Classroom





Monday March 24, 2008


Tabula Digita Reports More Teachers and Experts Embrace Educational Gaming in the Classroom

Research and results of practical applications are gaining attention from an increasing number of educators and institutions

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--In a survey conducted at the 2008 Florida Educational Technology Conference (FETC), 89 percent of the teachers who participated in the conferences inaugural State Challenge Multiplayer Educational Games (MEG) Tournament, said that their opinions about educational video games had been impacted in a favorable way.

Ninety-two percent of the participating teachers wanted to see a similar event at their own school or district, and everyone wanted the tournament to be repeated at FETC, said Ntiedo Etuk, chief executive officer and co-founder of Tabula Digita, the educational gaming company that created the MEG Tournament. Its another step in transforming peoples perception of gaming as solely for entertainment to an extremely effective and entertaining instructional tool. In fact, Businessweek Online reported that games like these could very well grow into a billion-dollar market within the next decade.1

Although electronic educational games have long existed, the video games Etuk referenced are a new breed. Games such as Tabula Digitas Algebra-based DimensionM™ series feature fast-paced first-person action adventure storylines as well as high-end sound and 3-D graphics comparable to those in popular video games. Other games such as Muzzy Lane's Making History and Enlights Restaurant Empire are coming on the scene in increasing numbers.

Educators across the country are becoming aware of the findings that show that educational gaming enables players to better retain information because abstract concepts are turned into experiential learning, Etuk stated. Additionally, gaming provides authentic assessment and immediate feedback, so students and teachers have a clear idea of individual strengths and weaknesses. Plus, games fun factor keeps learners enthusiastic and focused.

Dr. Katherine C. Clark, principal at Ocoee Middle School, is one of the early adopters of gaming in the classroom and had this to say, The idea of using gaming to learn is long overdue in the education setting. Thats why we jumped at the chance to incorporate the DimensionM games to support our math curriculum. It speaks to our students in their language captivating them digitally and inspiring them to learn.

Etuks and Clarks viewpoints are supported by a 2006 report from the Entertainment Software Association, the National Science Foundation and the Federation of American Scientists, who, after a one-year study, found the teaching potential of gaming warranted recommendations on how educators, and businesses and the federal government could video games to strengthen U.S. education and workforce training. Now even graduate students are focusing their research on the use of video games in education, said Etuk.

In 2007, the Software Industry Information Association cited us as Newcomer of the Year, which was another validation of our position on the significant effect video games can have on students and teachers, he continued. And this years FETC devoted three sessions to video games role in education. Clearly, a revolution in learning and instruction is underway.

About Tabula Digita

Tabula Digita is an educational video game company focused on delivering innovative and effective educational games to students and institutions. Through its fusion of education and technology-based immersive learning systems, Tabula Digita successfully offers standards-based, high impact educational tools that engage middle and high school students in learning and applying Pre-Algebra and Algebra I concepts. For more information, please call 1-888-9-Tabula or 1-888-982-2852, or visit

1 Scanlon, Jessie. Getting Serious About Gaming. Business Week Online. 8/14/2007.





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