Quake Global to Provide Satellite Modems for PeopleNet’s Dual-Mode Wireless-Satellite Communications Solution





Monday February 02, 2009


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Quake Global to Provide Satellite Modems for PeopleNet’s Dual-Mode Wireless-Satellite Communications Solution

SAN DIEGO--Quake Global, Inc., a leading manufacturer of satellite modems for the trucking and heavy equipment industries, announced today that PeopleNet has chosen Quake Global to provide satellite communicators for its new Dual-Mode asset tracking, communication, and management system.

“Our selection by PeopleNet is a significant step in QUAKE’s expansion into the transportation industry. PeopleNet’s prominent position in the field will provide an important showcase for QUAKE’s rugged, reliable, and state-of-the-art satellite communications products,” said Polina Braunstein, President and CEO of Quake Global. “PeopleNet has chosen to provide universal coverage for its customers by utilizing the Iridium Satellite System and QUAKE’s Q9612 modem. QUAKE® is proud to have been chosen by PeopleNet for its expansion into the satellite world.”

“This is an important step for PeopleNet and our customers. Satellite combined with PeopleNet’s efficient broad-band network will greatly benefit fleets that operate in areas without wireless coverage, from a few remote areas of the United States to the vast northern reaches of Canada,” said Craig Dillon, Chief Technology Officer of PeopleNet. “Beyond that, the PeopleNet fleets that deploy our Iridium option, which utilizes Quake Global’s modem, will be qualified to do business with shippers that require satellite communication, such as the U.S. DOD and hazardous materials carriers.

“The choice of QUAKE to provide our modems is in line with PeopleNet’s constant commitment to provide high quality products and outstanding customer service. QUAKE enjoys an excellent reputation in the satellite industry for its superior transceiver technology and excellent service to its customers,” Dillon added.

About Quake Global, Inc.

Headquartered in San Diego, and with a network of international distribution representatives, QUAKE® provides IRIDIUM, ORBCOMM, and GSM satellite modems and design services to OEM’s and others in the heavy equipment, maritime, trucking, utility, and petroleum industries. Customers include BRITISH PETROLEUM, CATERPILLAR, HITACHI, KOMATSU, SUMITOMO, and VOLVO GROUP. See more information at www.quakeglobal.com.

About PeopleNet

PeopleNet, based in Minneapolis, is North America's leading provider of Internet-based and integrated onboard computing and mobile communications systems. PeopleNet was the first major technology provider to offer Internet-based communications to the transportation industry 14 years ago and now serves more than 1,500 customers. PeopleNet is on the web at www.peoplenetonline.com.





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