Vivox, Inc. Embeds Real-Time Voice Communications in Virtual Worlds and Online Games for 9 Million Subscribers in 180 Countries Using Internap





Monday February 02, 2009


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Vivox, Inc. Embeds Real-Time Voice Communications in Virtual Worlds and Online Games for 9 Million Subscribers in 180 Countries Using Internap

Managed Service Adds Voice, Instant Messaging, and Presence to Online Games and Virtual Communities Leveraging Internap’s Performance IP™ Networking and Data Center Colocation

ATLANTA--Internap Network Services Corporation (NASDAQ:INAP), a global provider of end-to-end Internet business solutions, announced today its Performance IP network and data center colocation services are enabling Vivox, the market leader in voice services for online games and virtual worlds, to deliver live high-quality voice chat within multiplayer online games and virtual worlds - including Linden Lab’s ® 3D online world Second Life® and games from Sony Online Entertainment (SOE).

Until now, game and virtual community developers needed to build communications software and network infrastructure in order to offer voice as part of their application service, an expensive and time consuming task. Today, Vivox, an Internap customer for over two years, offers a turnkey solution and managed service that is bringing voice chat to nine million subscribers in over 180 countries. Vivox supports some of the industry’s largest game and virtual world communities and has proven itself in large, live online events – in one case connecting 6,000 people using voice chat within a game to a live community address during SOE’s 2008 Fan Faire.

“Real-time interactive communication is redefining multiplayer online games and virtual worlds with speed-to-market and voice quality as the critical success factors,” said Jim Toga, co-founder and vice president of engineering. “With Vivox and Internap, developers can easily integrate voice, messaging and new presence-based services into their games and virtual communities with 100 percent reliability, massive scalability and a team of seasoned professionals at hand through development, production and post launch support.”

Internap’s Performance IP is an excellent fit for voice applications, massively multiplayer online games (MMOG) and virtual communities as it is engineered for low latency, minimal jitter and global reach. The managed network service is based on Internap’s global platform of Private Network Access Points (P-NAPs) that interconnect multiple Internet backbones and MIRO (Managed Internet Route Optimizer) patented route optimization technology that monitors network performance and selects the best path for data to travel. Performance IP is bundled with Internap’s data center colocation in 44 sites around the world offering a seamless networked infrastructure for applications backed by a 100 percent performance service level agreement (SLA).

“Vivox has developed an innovative managed network service that enables developers to add voice communications to virtual world and online gaming experiences with the highest quality, turnkey simplicity and professional support,” said Tim Sullivan, chief technology officer at Internap. “Internap’s Performance IP and data center colocation are an excellent network and technology infrastructure backbone for the Vivox service and their future business growth.”

According to data published by the NPD Group in August 2008, 174 million citizens in the United States, more than half of the population, can be considered online gamers.1 A study by Strategy Analytics published in May 2008 called “Market Forecasts for Virtual World Experiences” forecasts that over the next 10 years some 22 percent of global broadband users will have registered for one or more virtual worlds resulting in a market approaching one billion registrants.2 For example, some well known virtual worlds boast nearly 100 million registrants and 10 million unique monthly visitors.

About Vivox

Based in Natick, MA and founded in 2005, Vivox is the leading provider of community-building voice services for online games and virtual worlds. Supporting millions of users in more than 180 countries, the Vivox Network is the world’s largest voice network for gamers. Vivox customers include online game and virtual world developers and publishers such as CCP Games, Icarus Studios, Linden Lab, NCsoft, Sony Online Entertainment and Wizards of the Coast. For more information on Vivox and the power of voice, visit

About Internap

Internap is a leading Internet solutions company that provides The Ultimate Online Experience™ by managing, delivering and distributing applications and content with 100% performance and reliability. With a global platform of data centers, managed Internet services and a content delivery network (CDN), Internap frees its customers to innovate their business, improve service levels, and lower the cost of IT operations. More than 3,000 companies across the globe trust Internap to help them achieve their Internet business goals. For more information, visit





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