“Game Developers and Publishers: Who Wants to Be a Billionaire?”





Friday February 06, 2009


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“Game Developers and Publishers: Who Wants to Be a Billionaire?”

WILTON, Conn.---(Piano Matchmaker™ LLC) Groundbreaking Music Video Game destined to deliver unprecedented blockbuster sales to the music video game market.

Erica vanderLinde Feidner’s fresh new groundbreaking music video game (patent-pending) is compelling, engaging and fun. A generation beyond existing rhythm-based music video games, Erica’s game will revolutionize the way the world reads music.

Players age 5 to 105 will – in minutes - be rockin’ and rollin’ while reading music and playing piano. During play, the potent music educational component takes a back seat to the drive of the appealing and entertaining nature of the game.

“It will change the way the world reads music because it is brilliantly simple, engaging and fun. This elegant simplicity is the true genius behind the game.” ~George Stonbely, Founder, “Spectacolor”

IMAGINE a time when children can’t wait to play the piano because it’s a game and it’s fun. IMAGINE a time when adults can have fun while fulfilling their dream of learning to read music and play piano. IMAGINE a time when families once again gather together and enjoy music. IMAGINE a time when non-gamers dare to enter the world of video games. IMAGINE THE TIME IS NOW.

Ms. vanderLinde Feidner’s first patent (a method of teaching efficient music score reading, 100% success rate) was published in 2006. The patent concepts are fully embedded in the design of the new music video game.

“I can say from personal experience that Erica’s patented method is ground breaking. I quite literally learned to read sheet music in one sitting and was playing the piano in the same session. The following day, I taught my wife how to read and play. ~George Stonbely, Founder, “Spectacolor”

Players can transfer the game experience to a real instrument - immediately. No more pretending to play an instrument, no more color-coded reading, no more tedious practicing. The game is inherently intuitive with enduring results because the design is based on reason – not memorization. It’s easy and it works.

The game can be played on virtually any platform: PC, console, handheld.





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