Aeria Games Guarantees Fun or Refund



Tuesday April 07, 2009


Aeria Games Guarantees Fun or Refund

LadyDragon - For the month of April, Aeria Games guarantees that gamers will have fun playing any of their

premier titles, or they will receive a refund of their Aeria Points.

Throughout April players can purchase Aeria Points which they may then spend in the Item

Malls of any of their titles. Purchasable items include costumes, custom pets and

consumables which will increase the amount of experience gained while leveling. In the month of April

if players do not have the most fun they possibly can, Aeria Games will give that player up to a 5,000

Aeria Point refund.

Players must do the following to obtain their refund:

* All AP purchases between April 1st and April

30th up to 5000AP will be eligible for a refund.

If a player fails to

have fun they will need to contact our billing department using the

contact form here:

When filling out the

contact form the subject must be "Fun Month Rebate" and the category must

also be "Fun Month Rebate."

The rebate request

must be made between May 1st and May 10th.

The refund is only for

item mall purchases made with Aeria Points. Purchases made with Bonus

Aeria Points are not eligible to be refunded.

Maximum refund amount

is 5000AP.

This is just another example of Aeria Games commitment to offering the

highest quality Free-to-Play MMOs along with the best gaming experience a

player can possibly have.


About Aeria Games:

With a community of 5+ million members, offices in both the United States and Germany, and a

diversified portfolio of MMO games, Aeria Games is one of the fastest growing

publishers of Free-to-Play online games.

Our goal is to provide the best Free-to-Play games and top notch customer service to

every one of our community members. With games covering all genres from all

ends of the world, players are sure to find a unique game that will be exactly

what they are looking for, with the quality customer service they deserve.

Founded in 2006, Aeria Games & Entertainment, Inc.

is based in Silicon Valley, California.




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