Envivio Encoder Trade-Up Program Sets Operators on the Proven Road to Mobile TV Success





Thursday February 12, 2009


Envivio Encoder Trade-Up Program Sets Operators on the Proven Road to Mobile TV Success

Substantial Discounts Offered to Operators Switching from Software Encoders to Envivio Carrier-Grade Hardware Encoding Platforms

Mobile World Congress 2009

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Envivio Inc., the leading provider of IP video convergence encoding solutions from mobile to HD, launches a new Mobile Streaming Trade-Up Program aimed at helping companies who pioneered mobile video streaming deliver more successful mobile TV services. From now through May 31, 2009, Envivio is offering discounts of up to 35 percent to mobile operators, content aggregators and others who replace their existing software video encoders, such as Helix Mobile Producer and pvAuthor, with the award-winning Envivio 4Caster C4™ hardware encoding platform.

Envivio mobile streaming encoders power hundreds of mobile TV deployments around the world. The Mobile Streaming Trade-Up Program offers users of early generation Envivio software encoding products, as well as software encoders from other suppliers, significant discounts off the 4Caster C4 hardware encoder. The 4Caster C4 convergence encoding platform is the world’s first to provide video compression for all Three Screens of consumer video – TVs, PCs and mobile devices – from a single platform. The 4Caster C4 will support all of Envivio’s new mobile TV compression quality enhancements such as the recently announced Extreme Compression™.

“Overwhelming market evidence shows that there is very strong consumer demand for mobile TV services,” said Rudi Polednik, VP Marketing and Global Alliances at Envivio, “but that many of today’s implementations are failing to deliver the quality of experience subscribers expect. This is not surprising given that most of those services are still being delivered using unreliable PC platforms loaded with obsolete software whose performance has not been upgraded for years. There is a way forward. Envivio has firsthand experience transforming under-performing early mobile TV deployments into winning businesses and its hardware encoding platforms now power many of the world’s most successful mobile TV services. This program is an opportunity for operators to benefit from that experience, which begins with a carrier grade video headend capable of delivering the compression performance, platform stability and five nines service availability needed to attract and retain premium subscribers.”

Designed to enable network operators to deliver content simultaneously across the full range of consumer devices, the 4Caster C4 is able to take multiple channels of content and encode them simultaneously to deliver multiple mobile TV profiles, multiple Internet TV profiles, or SD and HD IPTV profiles. Envivio’s unique high-availability hardware platform combined with a flexible encoding core offers levels of service extensibility and encoding performance upgradeability not possible with alternative compression platforms.

The Envivio Convergence Headend brings together the 4Caster C4 with the Envivio 4Manager headend management system in an M:N automatic redundancy configuration that delivers carrier grade service availability. This transforms mobile TV into a full-fledged service offering, delivered using a professional headend infrastructure similar to that used by cable and satellite operators to provide video services to their subscribers.

The mobile streaming trade-up program is available immediately. Envivio also plans to make the program available through its extensive network of mobile TV integration partners.

Mobile World Congress 2009

Envivio will be exhibiting at booth 2H12 at the Mobile World Congress 2009 in Barcelona from February 16 – 19, 2009. Envivio representatives at the show will be pleased to discuss details of the program and how Envivio’s Convergence Headend can help deliver successful mobile streaming services for your business. Please email MWC2009@envivio.com to schedule a meeting at the show.

About Envivio Inc.

Envivio Inc. is the leading technology provider of IP video convergence encoding solutions for telcos, enterprises, and broadcasters. Envivio is the only company to offer convergence solutions supporting the “Three Screens” of consumer video – TVs, PCs and mobile phones – making IP video a reality over any type of network and to any multimedia device from mobile to HD. Envivio solutions deliver industry leading AVC/H.264, Windows Media Video (VC-1) and AVS compressed video quality at the lowest bit rate for IPTV, Internet TV, mobile TV and broadcast applications. Service providers worldwide use Envivio solutions to reduce their operational costs while offering subscribers the most compelling and highest quality video services anytime and anywhere. Visit www.envivio.com for more information.





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