Printies™ Design Studio Empowers Kids to Create Their Own One-of-a-Kind Collectible Stuffed Toys Right at Home





Friday February 13, 2009


Printies™ Design Studio Empowers Kids to Create Their Own One-of-a-Kind Collectible Stuffed Toys Right at Home

With Access to Millions of Design Options at and Amazing Printies Fabric Sheets that Work in Any Inkjet Printer, Kids Can Create Like Never Before

Toy Fair 2009

NEW YORK--Toy innovator Techno Source introduces Printies™ Design Studio kits and refill packs, affordable at-home activity kits that allow children to take their online design creations offline like never before. Using their home PCs, inkjet printers and special patent-pending Printies™ fabric sheets, children can bring their online designs to life as soft 3-D collectible stuffed toys. It’s simple: design online at, print on both sides of Printies fabric sheets with any inkjet printer, tear along the perforated shape and pop out the Printies design, stuff it and put it on display!

Printies™ toys are making their debut this week at the American International Toy Fair in New York City (February 15-18). Toy Fair attendees will be able to create their own custom Printies stuffed toys at Techno Source’s hi-tech toy factory using home inkjet printers (Jacob Javits Center, Booth #3149). Printies Design Studio kits and refill packs will be available at retailers nationwide in fall 2009. The entire line will retail for under $20 and is appropriate for children ages 6 and up.

“What child wouldn’t want to have the power to design their own toy and then watch it come to life exactly as they imagined it?” says Eric levin, president, Techno Source. “First, at, kids have access to powerful design tools that are simple to use, and completely kid-friendly. Then, thanks to our specially designed Printies fabric sheets, kids can print their creation right onto pre-sewn fabric templates that are ready to be stuffed. There is no cutting, no sewing, no gluing, and most importantly, no mess! The end result is a stuffed toy that looks amazing and is 100% created by the child.”

Children can design, print and stuff their own Printies toys in three easy steps:

1. Design Online –Use the online design studio at to bring any one-of-a-kind vision of a Printies to life.

2. Print on Fabric Sheets – Feed the special Printies fabric sheets into any inkjet printer to print the custom Printies design. Once the first side is complete, feed the Printies fabric sheet through a second time to print the design on the back side. The magic Printies fabric sheets work just like paper in any ink jet printer.

3. Stuff and Show Off! – Tear along the perforated shape and pop out the printed 2-D, pre-sewn creation and use the included stuffing and stuffing tool to make it 3-D. Place it in any of the enclosed colorful pairs of shoes to seal it shut and put it on display.

“Printies is an affordable, innovative, hi-tech craft activity that will offer children hours of creative play and entertainment,” adds Ginny McCormick, interactive director, Techno Source. “Truly, no two Printies stuffed toys will ever be the same. Kids may start with the same Printies fabric sheet and pre-sewn template, but their one-of-a-kind designs result in millions of iterations. As a mom of three, I know how important it is for children to express their creativity in a way that gives them their own unique identity.”

The Printies online design studio at will offer kids an online experience that is simple, intuitive and entertaining. will offer children thousands of professional art assets and design tools like coloring, painting, and resizing effects. There, children will be able to start with a blank canvas or select from quick start templates that allow them to customize professional designs. Kids can customize everything from a Printies’ hair to its toes and can even add scanned photos and other images for truly limitless customization.

The Printies line will make its debut with three themed activity kits: Printies™ Pet Design Studio, Printies™ Ocean Design Studio, and Printies™ Jungle Design Studio. Each Printies Design Studio kit retails for just $19.99 and includes everything needed to make six complete Printies using a home PC and inkjet printer. Techno Source will also introduce refill packs for each of the themed Printies Design Studio kits that offer more of the original templates for the child. Refill packs will retail for $9.99.

About Techno Source

One of the fastest growing companies in the toy business, Techno Source is a privately held toy company headquartered in Hong Kong and with offices in New York. The company is committed to delivering high-quality toys and games featuring top-tier licensed brands at aggressive price points. Its award-winning branded product portfolio includes Smiley Central®, Printies™, Disney®, Clickables™, Rubik’s®, Bee® & Bicycle® (U.S. Playing Card Company), Intellivision™, Sesame Workshop®, Phase 10® (Fundex), Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?™ (Mark Burnett Productions), Guess What I Am!™, Ouaps™, X vs. Y, and Electronic Touch-Screen Sudoku™. For more information, visit





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