Exploramania to Debut Award Winning DVD at American International Toy Fair February 15-18





Sunday February 15, 2009


Exploramania to Debut Award Winning DVD at American International Toy Fair February 15-18

Toy Fair 2009

TAMPA, Fla.--A new DVD debuting at the American International Toy Fair in NY Feb. 15-18 will help kids exercise their muscles and minds, providing one solution to ease the nation’s epidemics for children’s health issues and math anxiety. Carrie Scheiner created “Exploramania®” and the “Exploracise™ Gymathtics™” DVD to help solve a national problem when she noticed increased screen time led to less physical and educational activities for her two children. The DVD has now received acclaim as the winner of this year’s Aegis Award.

Circles, lines, and polygon stretches using arm and leg motions help teach children in an experiential video, replete with lively music and gentle guidance, to get little hearts racing with aerobic routines. Segments, such as “Counting Calisthenics™” and “Pattern Power™” feature aerobic movements that challenge bodies and brains.

Exploracise™ Gymathtics™ uses multi-sensory learning techniques, which are proven to improve retention and recall. The combination of auditory, visual, and kinesthetic techniques creates a more comprehensive and efficient learning process. The synergy of multi-sense learning with the increase in neural growth factors produced during exercise creates the optimal environment and most effective techniques for children to learn while getting healthful exercise.

Carrie Scheiner became inspired to combine her talents of corporate product development and math education to reach for her dreams of helping others. She is passionate about helping children learn through fun interactive experiences and to develop a healthy lifestyle, which led to the creation of Exploracise™ Gymathtics™. The program is one more tool for parents, educators, and health care providers to combat the national obesity crisis and educational challenges that affect so many children in America today.

View a clip at www.exploramania.com of the Gymathtics™ routine. It retails for $24.99 and is available on the site and Amazon.com.





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