“Read-Along With Me” is an award winning software program that allows parents, grandparents, and fairy godmothers to be involved in a child's reading success every day





Sunday February 15, 2009


In a Far Away Land DigiTells Presents the Magic of Read-Along With Me at Toy Fair 2009

All are Invited to the Welcoming Celebration for the Revolutionary New Software Program

Toy Fair 2009

SAN DIEGO--Once upon a time, a magical software program was created. This program, entitled “Read-Along With Me,” mixes classic musical scores, sensational sound effects and your voice to create personalized fairytales as read-along audio books. Launching at Toy Fair 2009, “Read-Along With Me” bridges the gap between 21st century technology and traditional story time.

“Read-Along With Me” is an award winning software program that allows parents, grandparents, and fairy godmothers to be involved in a child's reading success every day. Loved ones can record books and save them to CDs or MP3 files to give every little prince or princess the experience of read-aloud story time that can be preserved and enjoyed, happily ever after.

This unique software was created by Giselle Uffens, a mother of three and longtime literacy advocate, who understands that reading is the most important determinant of educational success. Giselle's mother read enchanted storybooks to her daughter Katie, who loved this story time with Grandma. Katie would sit on her lap for hours as Grandma told stories of far-away lands, enchanted castles and magical creatures.

Then one very sad day, Grandma passed away. Giselle wished very much that she could conjure some spell to save Grandma's voice for future generations. “If I had some way to preserve my mother's voice, all of my children would have been able to experience magical story time with Grandma,” said Giselle; and so she developed “Read-Along With Me.”

In the midst of a budget crisis and limited classroom hours, teachers are finding it increasingly difficult to inspire a love for reading in their students. Without help from parents at home, there is little hope for our children to become kings and queens, if they lack strong literacy skills. Parents can help slay the educational dragons with “Read-Along With Me,” which allows them to read to their children anytime, anywhere and as often as they wish. Treasure chests of gold are not needed, “Read-Along With Me” is very friendly to family budgets. All the little princes and princesses will surely find endless entertainment from the pages of their favorite storybooks as sound effects and music are combined with a familiar voice.

The most influential voice for a child's reading development is one with which the child has an emotional connection. It is the voice of a loved one that will add the magic to story time and inspire a child to become a passionate, lifetime reader. By enjoying a storybook with their parent as narrator, children associate reading with love and fun, providing the perfect educational foundation.

“As a parent, you are ultimately responsible for your child's education. Using 'Read-Along With Me,' parents have the potential to give children the greatest educational gift: a love of reading!” said Gail Graves, elementary school teacher, reading specialist and author of “Read With Me!” “Children must hear words in order to relate the words to written symbols. Reading aloud strengthens a child’s imagination, expands their vocabulary and provides an opportunity for children to develop listening skills,” said Graves.

DigiTells' “Read-Along With Me” will debut at Toy Fair 2009, February 15-18 at the Javitz Center in New York. Visit the DigiTells booth (#3315) on Level 3 in the featured section: children's books and music. DigiTells is appropriate for storytellers from 5-99 and listeners from 0-10. For more information, visit www.digitells.com.





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