Jishaku to Exhibit at Toy Fair, February 15-18





Monday February 16, 2009


Jishaku to Exhibit at Toy Fair, February 15-18

Toy Fair 2009

TAMPA, Fla.--With a degree in electrical engineering, Steve Velte knows a lot about force fields and electronics. This year he’s launching his first game, Jishaku™, aimed at tweens, teens and adults, where the power of magnets allows the force to be with you (or not!).

Jishaku (jee-shah-koo) is a patent-pending portable strategy game like chess or checkers that can be played anywhere – in the kitchen or at the beach. But unlike chess, the element of surprise is when the magnet jumps out of position, without warning. Surprise, then laughs, follow as two or more players try to beat the force fields with strategic thinking plus careful and precise handling of the game’s magnetic stones. The unpredictability of the game turns any get-together into a party.

Each game comes with 18 polished magnetic stones, a storage pouch and a foam insert where the force fields are teased to stay apart or jump together. The game can be played three different ways – emptying your “hand” with “I’m Out!” Roundup and Elimination.

“In Jishaku it matters not only where you place your stones but also how you place each one,” explains Velte. “All magnets have north and south poles. Study the effect your magnet has on the stones around it. It will attract some and repel others. How you manage that interaction determines your fate.”

The obvious goal of Jishaku, the Japanese word for magnet, is to control your magnets and not have them control you. The game is designed for two or more players and complete instructions are included. Players can also jump to the website, www.playjishaku.com, for strategy tips.

Jishaku appeals to both boys and girls ages 8 and up. To order online or to find a store nearest you, click on www.playjishaku.com. Jishaku retails for $19.95.





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