Classic Corolle Dolls still Thrive in a High-Tech world





Wednesday February 18, 2009


Classic Corolle Dolls still Thrive in a High-Tech world

Toy Fair 2009

GRANTSVILLE, Md.--Despite all of the emerging high tech toys, classic doll play has stood the test of time giving children today the same wonderful imaginative play experiences as they did centuries ago.

Dolls are important to children at each stage of development, providing comfort, security, and a reliable friend.

"There's something wonderful and timeless about seeing a child play with a doll," said Beau James, president of North American distribution for Corolle. “A doll is an object of affection that provides an emotional outlet for a child and encourages children to express feelings, develop imagination, gain understanding and care for others.”

While the latest high-tech toys offer new ways to amaze and sometimes educate children, the fundamentals of doll play have been around for centuries. Whether it’s dressing it, styling its hair, or having a conversation, these tasks allow children’s creativity to flourish, offering them a constant companion and creating memorable play that will last a lifetime.

Headquartered in the Loire Valley, the storybook region of Langeais, France, Corolle is a brand that embodies all the values of childhood. The extraordinary attention to detail in all their dolls and accessories reflect the company’s reputation – established over three decades – for quality materials and classic design. Each doll’s expression, hair, skin tone and limb features are realistic and natural, and a light scent of vanilla is added to the vinyl for sensory appeal. Designed for durability and playability, Corolle dolls are created for a lifetime of hugs.





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