OgoSport continues its trend of creating open-ended play products that are driven by design rather than electronics





Thursday February 19, 2009


As “Family Time” Increasingly Vies for Minutes with Facebook and PlayStation, OgoSport’s Getta Gripp is among the Toy Fair Premiers Encouraging the Return of Family Interaction; Exhibiting at Toy Fair

Getta Gripp is the first multi-player game from a company that has seen its active play creations garner several awards in the last year

Toy Fair 2009

NEW YORK--While the 2009 Toy Fair will undoubtedly see its share of battery and electric powered play devices, OgoSport continues its trend of creating open-ended play products that are driven by design rather than electronics. The company cites increasingly alarming statistics on the decline of family play time, and rising obesity for inspiring its latest creation: Getta Gripp.

Much like Hasbro’s beloved Twister™*, Getta Gripp is ideally suited to general play, parties, classrooms, or family night. The game relies on teams of two or more people working together to connect eight 3-D “Gripps” between their bodies. The included timer increases the competition and intensity.

Getta Gripp has an MSRP of $40.00.

“We see our designs as something more than products – they are catalysts towards getting back to some basics our society used to get right” noted Pratt Institute design professor and OgoSport President Rick Goodwin. “Getta Gripp will certainly provide the same open-ended play patterns and sustained use that products such as the Sports Disk have – we look forward to its introduction and to the hours of fun that people of all ages will get out of it.”

The game’s premier comes on the heels of an award-winning 2008 for OgoSport: CopterDarts secured a Creative Child Preferred Choice Award. And the Super Sports Disk added to its ever growing count by garnering both an ASTRA Best Toys for Kids award and a Kaboose.com Amazing Toy Award.

*TWISTER ™ is a trademark of Hasbro. The company is in no way affiliated with OgoSport.

About OgoSport, LLC

Founded in 2005, OgoSport is a company with a mandate to develop products that encourage its users to go out and play (Oh Go Outside). OgoSport strives to provide exciting new opportunities for active recreation. Innovative play patterns for all age groups are the focus of their creative explorations. Batteries not required





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