NEC's Ultra-Narrow Bezel in 46-Inch Display Creates Large, Near Seamless Video Walls





Saturday February 21, 2009


NEC's Ultra-Narrow Bezel in 46-Inch Display Creates Large, Near Seamless Video Walls

NEC Display Solutions of America, a provider of commercial LCD displays and projectors, has introduced the 46-inch MultiSync X461UN, an innovative, ultra-narrow professional display.

The 46-inch large-format display is intended for video wall solutions, where its ultra-narrow bezel allows for a screen-to-screen distance between two neighboring MultiSync X461UN displays of only 7.3 millimeters, a near 500-percent improvement from NEC&rsquos previously revolutionary 34-millimeter MultiSync 20 Series displays.

According to the company, the MultiSync X461UN can be deployed in video wall matrices of up to 10x10, creating a total surface area of approximately 645 square feet. The barely discernable transition gap between displays ensures a homogenous picture across the matrix, the company said.

The ultra-narrow MultiSync X461UN continues NEC&rsquos tradition of ground-breaking bezel design by providing the near seamless experience that is required for optimal, eye-catching performance in video wall matrices, said Jean McLaughlin, senior product line manager for NEC Display Solutions, Itasca, Ill. &ldquoWhen used in an impressive tile matrix, the MultiSync X461UN makes for an attention-grabbing display solution. The 46-inch display has been specifically created for rigorous 24/7 use where high reliability is key, and it incorporates a professional-grade panel with a built-in expansion slot, allowing customers flexibility and ease of use.

The NEC 46-inch MultiSync X461UN display is intended for expansive video wall solutions, where its ultra-narrow bezel allows for a barely discernable screen-to-screen distance between neighboring displays.

The MultiSync X461UN can be combined with many of NEC&rsquos large-format accessories, such as the MPD-SBC-8/16-2 single-board computer, SB-I008WU DVI daisy-chain module or SB-L007KK HD-SDI card. These add-ons provide a cost-effective way to source and manage display content, the company said. The NEC accessories&rsquo ability to be fully integrated into the X461UN expansion slot eliminates the need for external distribution equipment and power supply, thus providing for a clean look that simplifies installation and reduces maintenance without compromising quality.

The 46-inch ultra-narrow display is ideal for digital signage in lobbies, broadcasting, public venues, retail areas, transportation applications, and financial environments. Through the optional SpectraViewII color calibration kit (NEC SVII-PRO-KIT), tiled X461UN displays will have identical color settings, ensuring color uniformity and fidelity across multiple screens and creating a perfectly matched image in tiled environments. Additionally, NEC&rsquos new Network Control and Communication feature enables the highest level of remote display management, including such features as automatic email notification in which users are alerted to instances like overheating and lamp failure.

The MultiSync X461UN is backed by a 3-year parts and labor warranty and will be available for shipment in April 2009.





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