NEC's Eye Flavor Combines Digital Signage with Face Recognition Technology





Saturday February 21, 2009


NEC's Eye Flavor Combines Digital Signage with Face Recognition Technology

NEC Corp., Tokyo, announced that it has developed Japan’s first all-in-one digital signage board. Comprised of a 46-inch LCD display, camera, streaming controller and effectiveness analysis software, the new product, which goes by the name “eye flavor,” enables easy installation of digital signage and can help companies measure the results of targeted advertising programs.

Using NEC’s face recognition technology, eye flavor can distribute targeted advertising content according to the customer’s gender and age range, the company said.

NEC's "eye flavor" combines an LCD display, a camera and face recognition technology to match advertising content to the customer's gender and age range.

NEC conducted a trial of the eye flavor’s effectiveness at the Granduo Tachikawa, a popular mall in Tokyo. Specifically, NEC’s eye flavor was set up at the front entrance on the first floor of Granduo Tachikawa for 21 days in October 2008. The number of viewers, as well as viewing duration of advertising contents, was measured in terms of time period, gender and age.

In addition, the distance between the display and the viewers was measured. Unlike commonly used survey methods, the effectiveness of the outdoor advertising was obtained on a timely basis with more detailed quantitative results, the company said.

Because of its portability, the eye flavor’s installation and removal are simple and flexible, depending on the venue. The target market for eye flavor is across various industries, and NEC expects to achieve sales of 500 units in three years.

NEC’s eye flavor began selling and shipping in December of 2008 in Japan only. Currently, the face recognition technology applies only to Japanese faces, but trials for an advanced application solution are ongoing, the company said





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