TeamDrive: A New Free Collaboration Extension for OpenOffice





Wednesday February 25, 2009


TeamDrive: A New Free Collaboration Extension for OpenOffice

CeBIT 2009

HAMBURG, Germany--TeamDrive, the new collaboration software, enables easy and secure work over the Internet, guaranteeing that your privacy remains so. Whether you‘re working as a team, mobile or between your home and your company: every single file and document, always up-to-date and even offline, is readily available to OpenOffice users by dint of this software.

TeamDrive understands itself as a free alternative to Microsoft Groove and Microsoft Sharepoint. The OpenOffice user can transform the contents of a folder on his PC or notebook into a secure shared space by merely three mouse clicks. He can use and work on this shared space in common with any number of personally “invited” users he likes: from work, from his circle of family and friends, his club or university project.

“TeamDrive is suitable for companies, governmental agencies, universities or any other organization that works jointly on documents like contracts, offers, price lists, scholarly texts, surveys or graphics,” TeamDrive CEO Volker Oboda points out. “Likewise, exchanging music, photographs and videos within the circle of family or friends is mere child’s play with this collaboration software.” TeamDrive does its work nearly imperceptibly in the background.

An outstanding feature is the implicit protection of privacy through the automatic 256 bit encoding. Likewise, storage in the Internet takes place in an encoded form. Hence unauthorized persons cannot gain any access, especially system administrators and service providers. “The automatic versioning, automatic back-ups and encoded transfer of data unfailingly protect users from any loss of data,” the TeamDrive CEO states with conviction.

TeamDrive Systems develops and markets collaboration software for an easy and secure collaboration over the Internet.

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