Enounce Launches MySpeed(TM) Variable Speed Playback for Online Video





Thursday February 26, 2009


Enounce Launches MySpeed(TM) Variable Speed Playback for Online Video

Allows Users to Fast Forward or Slow Down Online Video without Compromising Quality

PALO ALTO, Calif. Enounce Incorporated (www.enounce.com), a leader in variable speed playback technologies, today launched three editions of the Enounce(R) MySpeed(TM) downloadable software platform that allow users to speed up or slow down the playback rate of online videos--including a free Community edition. After downloading the MySpeed software, an easy-to-use slider bar appears on a user's desktop and allows real-time speed changes whenever a video is playing in a web-browser or standalone player. All Enounce MySpeed software editions work with Adobe(R) Flash(R) video, the nearly ubiquitous video format of the Web, used by YouTube(TM) content, Google Video(TM) video search, Fox News, Metacafe, CNN, ABC News, CNET, NPR: National Public Radio, The Wall Street Journal, and over four hundred other sites.

MySpeed(TM) software allows users to speed up the playback of videos to save viewing time, or slow down playback to improve learning and comprehension. Unlike pressing the typical "fast forward" button on devices such as DVD players or TiVo(R), MySpeed software provides a superior viewing experience by allowing users to listen to the sped-up audio with perfect pitch (i.e. without any "chipmunk" quality to the sound during speed up). This allows users of MySpeed(TM) technology to speed through content without missing a thing.

"There are millions of flash videos on the web, soon there will be more videos of interest to you than you can watch in your lifetime," said Don Hejna, President and founder of Enounce. "Enounce technology makes it possible to vary the playback speed between one-third and three times normal. Whether speeding up to watch more video in a given time, or slowing down to allow better understanding of foreign language or educational video, Enounce MySpeed technology enables it's users to get more information from video -information users would otherwise have missed. That fact makes our technology incredibly valuable to not only video viewers but also educators, employers, advertisers, investors, artists, and all content generators."

Enounce MySpeed(TM) software is available for Windows XP and Windows Vista PCs in three editions:

  • a FREE Community edition

  • a Pro edition featuring a wider speed range and customizable UI

  • a Premier edition with all the Pro features and support for changing speed when standalone players are used to view downloaded FLV files

Users can download the MySpeed editions in seconds at: http://www.enounce.com/myspeed.php and:

  • Change the playback speed of YouTube and other videos

  • Speed up videos to watch more material in less time

  • Slow down videos to better understand and transcribe complex materials

  • Increase learning with less frustration

Read what users are saying about MySpeed(TM) technology at: http://www.enounce.com/buzz.php.

About Enounce

Enounce is a leader in variable speed playback technology that allows users to control the viewing experience of online video. Founded in 1998, the company leverages extensive research done at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T) by its founding team and a portfolio of over fifteen issued patents. Enounce licenses its patented technology in a modular software library that allows third parties to add variable speed playback to existing multimedia applications and devices. Enounce is a privately held company, headquartered in Palo Alto, California.





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