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Friday July 02, 2010

Serena Williams wins over Petra Kvitova for a place in the final at Wimbledon 2010

Serena serving first but it is Petra that breaks first, 4-3. Serena breaks back, 4-4. Now 6-5 and Petra now serving to stay in the set and does, 6-6. TB now, Petra played 5 and won 2 and Serena played 11 and won 9 this year. 4 first point goes to Serena then Petra fights back for 4-3 then 6-3 for Serena then Petra again fights back to 6-5 but Serene wins the TB 7-5. 58 minutes

Second on serve 2-2 and the first break point goes to Serena and she does break, 3-2. Serena leading now 4-2, Petra serving 30-40, then 19 spectacular shots and on agreat shot from Petra wins that rally now deuce, again break point, tension very high now a must win game for Petra a double gives the game to Serena. Serena now serving for the match and the ball catchs the top of net falls dead on petra side and Serena wins




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