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Saturday July 03, 2010


Interview with Girls's Single Champion Kristyna Pliskova of the Wimbledon 2010 Final

Wimbledon 2010

By LadyDragon

WIMBLEDON, United Kingdom --( 03/07/10--Interview with Girls's Single Champion Kristyna Pliskova of the Wimbledon 2010 Final

Q. What does it mean to you to win?

KRISTYNA PLISKOVA: Uhm, yeah, I'm so happy that I could play this tournament first. I love grass, so it's so good.

I lost one match on grass. Like it was in Ostrava, so that's good.

Q. When you won, most people throw their racquets in the air and jump up and down. You just walked to the net.

KRISTYNA PLISKOVA: I'm not like this. I don't know. I was happy, of course, but I don't need to do something like this.

Q. What was the key today? What was the secret?

KRISTYNA PLISKOVA: Uhm, serve. Just serve. Then everybody makes mistakes. So one break, it's possible. Just serve and then...

Q. She was fighting back very well in the second set, and then the third and it was getting very tight. What were you thinking then?

KRISTYNA PLISKOVA: Yeah, uhm, she played very good. I think she's like, yeah, she was in the final, so she has to be good.

But, I don't know. I made a mistakes. I lost my serve. Yeah, but she's good player.

Q. Growing up, how important was Wimbledon for you in terms of all the tournaments around the world? Is it the premiere for you?

KRISTYNA PLISKOVA: Yeah. I'm first time in London and I really enjoy it and I appreciated to play here. I think it's the best of these four.

Q. Do you enjoy the traditions, the things that are different here from other places?

KRISTYNA PLISKOVA: Yeah, everything is like better than Roland Garros or Australian Open. I don't know, it's like another tournament like.

Q. Do you remember watching Wimbledon as a young girl on TV?

KRISTYNA PLISKOVA: Yeah, of course.

Q. Who do you remember watching most?

KRISTYNA PLISKOVA: Oh, Martina Hingis. Everyone, I don't know.

Q. Did you have any favorite players?


Q. No?

KRISTYNA PLISKOVA: No. Just I like Goran Ivanisevic when I was small, but...

Q. What did you like about Goran?

KRISTYNA PLISKOVA: Well, he played left, so serve and forehand.

Q. His personality, as well?

KRISTYNA PLISKOVA: Yeah. And he's nice.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about you? Who is your coach? Where do you train?

KRISTYNA PLISKOVA: About my coach?

Q. Who is your coach?

KRISTYNA PLISKOVA: Yeah, of course. I'm talking to him all the time. But now, like, I don't have time. You mean about matches?

Q. What is the name of your coach?

KRISTYNA PLISKOVA: My coach is Jan Bedan. I think he's the best coach in Czech Republic. His daughter was like 16 in the world. It's her father.

Q. And you're based in Prague most of the time?





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