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Thursday February 04, 2010


Kim and Jada unveiled as Barbie dolls

Kim and Jada unveiled as Barbie dolls A one-of-a-kind Barbie doll honoring Kim was today unveiled on the opening day of the world's largest toy fair in Nuremburg, Germany. She is the first female athlete to be immortalized by the world's leading doll brand.

Kim follows in the footsteps of celebrities Oprah Winfrey and German chancellor Angela Merkel. In 2010 she will be joined by HRH Princess Victoria of Sweden and world-renowned author J.K. Rowling.

Kim said: "When I was a young girl I played with my Barbie dolls all the time and took them with me everywhere I went. I am therefore deeply honoured and humbled as I today join the ranks of iconic women who represent Barbie's aspirational values."

In addition, Kims daughter Jada will also receive her very own unique Barbie doll. Kim explains; "My family means everything to me, so I was really excited when I found out that Jada would also receive her very own "Jada" Barbie doll. This is something that is very special to me and my family and we will cherish it for life."

Rosa Zeegers, Senior Vice President, Barbie International, said; "Kim Clijsters is a reflection of modern women across the world as she is successfully combining a successful career while enjoying life with her family. As one of the most gifted tennis players this world has ever seen Kim Clijsters is an inspiration to a whole generation of girls and embodies the values of Barbie."

These honorary one-of-a-kind Barbie dolls are rarely released and when it has happened over the past 50 years, it has only been to a select group of women who have embraced and represented what Ruth Handler, the inventor of Barbie, intended with the Barbie doll; "My whole philosophy of Barbie is that through the doll, a little girl could be anything she wants to be. Barbie always represents the fact that a woman has choices."

Previous recipients include US chat-show queen Oprah Winfrey, Sally Ride - the first female astronaut - Melinda Gates, Angela Merkel - Germany's first female chancellor - as well as Hollywood icons such as Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe.

Presently this is a one of a kind doll, although there is a possibility of select retail distribution later in the year.

Kim Clijsters doll facts

The one-of-a-kind portrait doll has been sculpted in the likeness of Kim Clijsters with her golden blonde hair, accented with light blonde highlights, pulled back in a low ponytail, while wavy curls frame her face. She wears a tennis ensemble inspired by the one she wore when she won the final of the US Open in 2009. Created of authentic Fila fabric, the ensemble includes a miniature re-creation of Kim Clijsters' top and skirt. She wears a silvery necklace with clear Swarovski® crystal. Also included are real socks, and tennis shoes that sport the Barbie® silhouette and logo graphics. Her racquet features authentic tennis grip and Barbie® logo; the ball is authentic tennis-green. The proud symbol of her accomplishment, a genuine pewter replica of the US Open trophy is included.

The doll also comes with a miniature version of Kim Clijsters' daughter, Jada. This tiny doll charms with golden blonde curls, styled in a cute and playful look. Jada wears a re-creation of the actual outfit she wore on the day her mother became the US Open champion. The pants and black and white striped top, created of single knit, were meticulously designed to match the original.




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