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Tuesday November 16, 2010


EA Uncovers More of MicroBot in New Gameplay Trailer

By LadyDragon

( Electronic Arts revealed a new gameplay trailer for MicroBot, the upcoming action arcade shooter that takes players inside the world of the human body.

MicroBot provides players the unique challenge of controlling a microscopic robot-a MicroBot-on a mission to destroy a biotechnological infestation as they battle through blood, bone and beyond.

The new video reveals more of MicroBot than ever before, with combat footage, shots of co-op gameplay in action, and even a quick preview of one of the bosses who will try to stand in the way of your microscopic mission.

MicroBot Trailer 25.7MB

Gamers can look forward to controlling and customizing their very own MicroBot in Winter 2010-11 on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.




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