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Thursday June 24, 2010

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Laura Robson Interview

Wimbledon 2010

Q. You must be fairly pleased with that? Certainly gave her a run for her money in the second set.

LAURA ROBSON: Uhm, yeah. You know, she could have won the second set 6-3 because I was 5-3 down. But I fought back. You know, I thought I could have done a bit more in the rally, especially in the tiebreak, you know, just try to be more aggressive.

But she's No. 4 in the world for a reason so... She played well.

Q. Did you enjoy the occasion, playing on Centre Court?

LAURA ROBSON: Uhm, you know, I thought it was going to be a lot more overwhelming. But, uhm, the court's not as big as it seems on TV. So, yeah, it was really good to play on centre. It was good there were loads of people cheering me on.

Q. She was very complimentary about your serve today. Said she hasn't come up against a serve like that from someone your age ever before. Was that particularly a good day?

LAURA ROBSON: Uhm, well, I practice a lot on my serve, so hopefully it is good. But, uhm, you know, it can always get better. Uhm, I'm not actually even sure how many aces I hit today.

Q. 13.

LAURA ROBSON: Really? Thank you (smiling).

Yeah, that's a good number. But I think the most important thing is that I served well on the big points, you know, when she had a breakpoint or something. So it's good that I'm able to do that.

Q. A big court. It was an important opponent. But you seemed to play with no fear out there.

LAURA ROBSON: Uhm, I was a lot more nervous this morning when I woke up, uhm, in a good way. And then when I got onto the court, I was just trying to focus on not losing 6-Love, 6-Love.

So I think I did pretty well.

Q. What kind of things will you have picked up from that experience, playing against a player of that stature, the sort of things that it's going to take for you to compete at that level?

LAURA ROBSON: Uhm, well, I think I can improve on everything really. Uhm, you know, a few things in particular. But I think, you know, it was a close match. So, uhm, there's not too much difference. It's just continuing my training and everything like that so I can keep getting better.

Q. Did Jelena offer any words of encouragement after the game, compliment you on your efforts at all?

LAURA ROBSON: Like when do you mean?

Q. After the match, did she compliment you at all.

LAURA ROBSON: I haven't seen her since the handshake, so no.

Q. How did your coach and family think you got on? Were they pleased with your efforts?

LAURA ROBSON: Yeah, I think they were happy. Uhm, you know, obviously I think I could have played a bit better, and I'm sure they did, too, because they've seen me play my best tennis before.

But in all I think it was a pretty good match and I think they were all pretty proud.

Q. Long term, do you think grass will be your best surface?

LAURA ROBSON: Well, I like hard courts. I'm getting better on clay. So, you know, I wouldn't like to pin everything on grass courts, because there's not that many tournaments on it every year. But, uhm, you know, it is a favorite surface of mine because it helps being a lefty and stuff like that.

Q. You're in the mixed. Are you going to play in the junior singles here?

LAURA ROBSON: Uhm, for the moment I don't know about juniors, but I am playing doubles and hopefully mixed. They haven't announced the wild cards for mixed, so I don't know about that.

But I'm definitely playing doubles. I'm playing with Sally Peers, the girl I played with in Australia. We got to the quarterfinals there. So hopefully we'll do really well here.

Q. Do you think you're at the stage where playing juniors, you're not necessarily going to be learning much more?

LAURA ROBSON: Uhm, no, I think some of the junior girls are really good. I lost in Australia in the final. So she was obviously better than me then. So I think, uhm, a lot can still be gained from playing juniors.

Q. So why might you not play juniors then?

LAURA ROBSON: I think it really just depends on how I do in the doubles and mixed, because I don't want to do too much at once.

Q. Have you experienced any unfriendliness from the other girls on the tour by calling them sluts in that magazine?

LAURA ROBSON: No, they've been really nice to me. It's hard to kind of talk about it. But, uhm, they've all been really nice to me basically.

Q. Was it taken out of context?

LAURA ROBSON: I think it was. But, you know, I prefer not to talk about it.

Q. Last year you were here, you'd just done your GCSEs. Are you going to do A levels, university?

LAURA ROBSON: Uhm, yeah, I'd obviously like to doing some form of education. My brother has just finished his exams. He did the IB, which was really tough for him. I think it was three weeks of solid exams. Uhm, he's going to uni in September. It really depends how my tennis goes because university might not be possible.

Q. Is that your priority at the moment, your tennis?


Q. How much time are you spending at the moment in Paris?

LAURA ROBSON: I haven't been there for a while because I was playing, uhm, here, practicing on the grass. Before that, I was in America and stuff doing the tournaments over there. But, uhm, you know, it's kind of half and half-ish. As of now, it's more based in London.

Q. Have you thought about your schedule after Wimbledon at all?

LAURA ROBSON: Uhm, not for the moment because it is difficult with the number of tournaments I can play, so I don't know how many I've got left actually.

But, uhm, hopefully I'll be able to get into US Open. I don't really know what the cutoff is. But I'd like to get in on my own ranking. I don't know when they do the thing on there.

Q. How will you spend your prize money?

LAURA ROBSON: Last year I didn't get to spend any of my prize money, so I don't think this year is going to be any different.

Q. Why not?

LAURA ROBSON: It goes somewhere. I don't get to spend it. That's just how it is.

Q. How old will you have to be before you get your hands on your prize money?

LAURA ROBSON: Who knows? It's not up to me, is it?

Q. It's up to mum and dad? Are they the ones looking after it?


Q. They're in control?

LAURA ROBSON: Very much so. I'm fine with that for the moment, though.

Q. Sounds like you're comfortable out there on Centre Court. Can you see yourself hopefully playing a lot there in the future?

LAURA ROBSON: Well, yeah, I was pretty comfortable out there. As I said, it's not as intimidating as it seems. But, uhm, you know, I'd like to play on it again. It obviously depends on how I do it in the future if I will get to play on it again.

But, uhm, it's something that I can look forward to in the future because I know that everyone's going to be supporting me.

Q. We'd all like to see you one day win Wimbledon. It would be brilliant.

LAURA ROBSON: I would, too. I'd like that (smiling).

Q. When do you think? You don't have a crystal ball, but...

LAURA ROBSON: It's hard to say. Ideally I would have liked to have won it this year, but that's obviously not going to happen (smiling).

Why don't you give me a year. Your guess would be just as good as mine.




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