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Thursday June 24, 2010

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Marion Bartoli Interview

Q. What are your thoughts on what's taken place with the French team in the World Cup? If you've already addressed this in French, I apologize.

MARION BARTOLI: I think here it's Wimbledon, it's the tennis, and I don't really want to speak about soccer. But, you know, I can't do anything about it obviously. I'm just trying to focus on my tennis.

I'm sad that they lost because I'm a huge soccer fan and I watch every single match, but what can I do? I mean, I can't react to it. It's not what I'm supposed to do. I mean, I read like you did probably, but I can't say who is right, who is wrong, what happened.

I know I can sometimes think like that, I want say some stuff like that. Also, sometimes when you are very nervous or when you get very tight or whatever you can have some bad words. You're maybe sometimes thinking too and not saying loudly, but sometimes it can just happen.

Q. Do you have any reaction to the government getting involved with the situation with the team?

MARION BARTOLI: Again, I mean, if Mr. Sarkozy wants to say something, it's his right to do so. But I think he has also sometimes been not very nice against everyone, so…

You know, I think in every situation, everyone can sometimes just fell apart and say some bad words. But I don't think Nicolas Anelka is a bad guy. I think it was just the situation and being frustrated and being upset with maybe the way he was playing and don't feel good in this team.

You know, sometimes it can just happen. I mean, you don't have to judge all the time. Everyone said, Oh, this is not the thing to do or this is bad, this is right to do. I think I'm just saying that everyone sometime can just blow away. It just can happen.

I'm trying not to judge anyone. I'm trying to judge myself, but not judging anyone. I think it's a good start in life. I mean, you can judge yourself, but I don't think it's a good thing to judge the other one, because you don't know what they are feeling, what they are going through, whatever.

Q. Is there a greeting or message you would like to send to the players of the French team?

MARION BARTOLI: You know, I'm a sportsperson, so I know what they're feeling obviously, because it's very tough when you're playing for your country and you don't play well




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