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Thursday June 24, 2010

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Gael Monfils Interview

Q. I'm gonna ask a couple questions in English if that's all right.


Q. Not even focused on your match, if that's also okay.

GEL MONFILS: That's okay.

Q. Your thoughts and observations of what's gone on with your national team in the World Cup.

GEL MONFILS: I mean, yeah, for sure it's a bit strange. But actually we are sad of this, but how I can say? You know, I'm like a player. I'm support still my team. I'm still behind my team even.

Maybe some people think they made mistake or doing stuff wrong, but I will always be behind them because I think it's tough moment for them for sure.

But we never know. We still have one match. The magic can happen. I know it's kind of hard, and even close on impossible, but I'm still behind my boys, I will say. I will cheer for them for sure on Tuesday.

Q. What you do you make of the controversy, of the turmoil with the team, the coach, and the government getting involved?

GEL MONFILS: Yeah, this is a bit massive. I think it's massive. But, you know, about that, I don't think I'm qualified to speak about it.

But my thought is just, you know, I'm behind like the French team. It's still our team and we still have a little chance to qualify. So I will still cheer for them.

Q. When you first heard that this has happened with the boycott of a workout, what were your immediate emotions?

GEL MONFILS: Well, I just said, Maybe something happened big. You know, maybe I think -- I will say the biggest mistake for me is like the press get involved too much maybe. You know, they try to -- I know it's a big story, but they make this like too big, I think.

So this is wrong for our team, I think. Yes, maybe some stuff is not very clear or not very good. But still I think like the captain say, like Patrice Evra say, If they have some problem, we have to keep it on the team. Not let the press involved like this, because then it's like a bit messy.

I think it's sport. But like I said, they still have a chance to qualify, even to make like France a bit better, I will say. So I really hope they will take it and they will make us very proud of our country.

Q. One last thing, and that is: What struck you about the government getting involved? You mentioned the press. What did you think when you heard the government got involved?

GEL MONFILS: I just heard today, so I don't even know what they say. Maybe tomorrow I will be more able to tell you. Just I don't know.




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