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Wednesday November 24, 2010



By LadyDragon

MIAMI, Florida( FaceCam 1000 webcam boasts latest features including innovative CrazyTalk Cam Suite software.

Genius (, a brand division of KYE Systems Corp., today announced a new addition to the company&rsquos extensive line of webcams, the FaceCam 1000. Genius&rsquo new webcam supports 720P High Definition resolution, can rotate 360 degrees and comes bundled with CrazyTalk Cam Suite Pro Software.

The FaceCam 1000 Webcam features 720P HD video and takes still image captures at up to 8.0 MegaPixels. The FaceCam 1000 has a precise manual focus lens to manually control the focus without any blur and take still photos or video from any angle with 360 degree rotation capabilities. The new webcam also comes equipped with an Image Protection Mechanism (IPM) feature for preventing unauthorized outside access. By installing the included driver (Windows only), the IPM device protects the webcam from any outside intruders. The new Webcam also has a built-on universal clip to attach to a notebook, LCD monitor or standalone base and is perfect for Skype, MSN, Yahoo messenger and any instant message communication.

The FaceCam 1000 is bundled with CrazyTalk Cam Suite Pro software (Windows only) that includes features such as: Image and Video Capture with a one-click YouTube upload button, Avatar Live that can create facial expressions and voices, Media Desktop Share to share video clips, photos and live desktop activity without delay, and Monitor mode where the webcam is switched into security mode with motion detection. The FaceCam 1000 Webcam is PC (works with Windows 7) and Mac compatible and attractively priced at MSRP USD $34.99.

The new Genius FaceCam 1000 starts shipping in November 2010. Interested shoppers can go to New,,, Tiger Direct, or for more information on the entire line of Genius products and other retailers and distributors please visit:


Genius is an international leading company in computer peripherals. Genius was established in 1985, product portfolio includes computer mice, keyboards, web and security cameras, speakers, gaming peripherals, remote controls, headphones, digital cameras, digital camcorders and digital photo frames. It also holds the U.S. patent for mouse scroll-wheel technology. Genius expanded from computer peripherals into consumer electronic products that include mobile phone accessories, Bluetooth headsets, digital cameras, digital photo frames, iPod speakers and EeePC mice.




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