Exclusive interview with Julie McCullough Playboy's Playmate for the February 1986 Edition



Friday May 14, 2004


Exclusive interview with Julie McCullough Playboy's Playmate for the February 1986 Edition

Playboy: The Mansion is the ultimate lifestyle game, allowing the gamer to "Play Hef" and live the good life. The player is in charge of running the Playboy Empire, and must put out a magazine each month. In order to generate content for the magazine, the Virtual Hef will throw incredible parties with celebrities and rockstars in town. The social management of the parties will enable the player to acquire content for the magazine, including the unique, sexy Photo Shoot feature which the gamer will use to get his or her cover shot. With a broad depth of gameplay, and a simulation experience of the ultimate lifestyle, Playboy:The Mansion lets a gamer Play Hef, build the dream and live the good life.

Over 80 Playboy Playmates will be part of the Playboy: The Mansion video game. All Playmates will be presented in a "timeless" fashion, looking as they did when appearing in the magazine.

Among the Playmate featured in the game there is Julie McCullough who will be the one guiding you through out the game with a Tutorial.

Julie at E3

Julie at E3

Julie McCullough is Playboy's Playmate for the February 1986 edition and took the time to talk with LadyDragon at the E3 - Electronic Entertainment Exposition.

LadyDragon: Do you play video games?

Julie McCullough: Yes, I love to play video games.

LadyDragon: What type of game do you like to play ?

Julie McCullough: I like to play games where you need a good eye and hand coordination.

Julie at the top of the Playboy: The Mansion boot

LadyDragon: How did you get involve in doing the tutorial ?

Julie McCullough: Everytime they came to visit the mansion, they saw me playing video games so one day they ask me if I would like to do the tutorial in the game and I accepted.

LadyDragon: Have you been involved in the making of a video game before?

Julie McCullough: No, It is my first time.

LadyDragon: How did you like being part of the making of the video game?

Julie McCullough: It is fun and interesting to see how it is made.

LadyDragon: Did you go to their studio to do the tutorial?

Julie McCullough: Yes, I did and I might go back if they need me some more.

LadyDragon: Did you play the game yet ?

Julie McCullough: Yes I did and I really like it.

Julie waving at LadyDragon from the top of the Playboy: The Mansion boot

LadyDragon: What do you for a living beside this video game?

Julie McCullough: Well my real job is being an actress, I have appeared in TV shows like Beverly Hills 90210, Golden Girls, Growing Pains, Pacific Blue and Relic Hunter.

LadyDragon: So what are the projets that you are you working on now?

Julie McCullough: I am currently doing a tour through out 50 cities across the US for the Fiftieth Anniversary of Playboy and this week in my week off.

LadyDragon: What would you like to say to your fans about the game?

Julie McCullough: Enjoy the game and have fun :)

Julie at the Playboy Party

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Preview of the Playboy: The Mansion

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