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Welcome to my Astronomy section - Picture of the Day

Everyday you can come and look at a beautiful picture of the Universe.

Enjoy :)


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Astronomy Picture of the Day

Sharpless 308: Star Bubble

Blown by fast winds from a hot, massive star,

Supermoon over Spanish Castle

No, this castle was not built with the Moon attached.

The Cartwheel Galaxy from Hubble

To some, it looks like the wheel of a cart.

Southern Jupiter from Perijove 3

Southern Jupiter looms some 37,000 kilometers away in

Meteors vs Supermoon

Meteors vs Supermoon

Seagull to Sirius

This broad, beautiful mosaic spans almost 20 degrees across

The Lagoon Nebula in High Definition

Stars are battling gas and dust in the Lagoon Nebula

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