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About LadyDragon

In Memory of Sam - 2009-2015

LadyDragon is a journalist of stellar reputation who has been known internationally for over 20 years.

As was created in 1998, it existed before

LadyDragon is always on the cutting edge of knowledge and writes and speaks in a very unique and direct manner.

LadyDragon brings you powerful interviews like the one with Dalene Kurtis and Craig Lieberman from the Fast and Furious movie and the two exclusives with Joanie Laurer formerly know as Chyna from the WWF ( World Wrestling Federation).

As an example of the events that LadyDragon has been invited to cover is the unveiling of the Playboy video game which took place at the Playboy Mansion

LadyDragon takes great pride in discovering and giving exposure to new products, companies and people, like the magicJack.

LadyDragon Article ---> magicJack Launches magicJackGO for cell phone to extends Home or Office Number to Any iOS or Android Phone

Now LadyDragon is focusing on bringing you the latest news on emerging technologies and products, as well as developing her own project: LadyDragon Project ---> LadyDragon's Eco-House Laboratory

LadyDragon has her own the radio show where many important guests will join her in this journey.

Due to the passing of Sam the LadyDragon Radio Show will resume soon.



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