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Friday March 04, 2011


DrayTek Vigor2130 Series Gigabit Routers

CEBIT 2011

By LadyDragon

HUKOU, Taiwan--(, a Taiwan-based networking solutions provider, today proudly announced that the Vigor2130 series Gigabit routers received excellent recognition from PC PROFESSIONALE in Italy and Telekom Idag in Sweden. CHIP magazine in Hungary and Poland continues to recommend the feature-rich Vigor2130Vn router for high-speed Internet connectivity.

With connection speeds in excess of 100Mbit/s through cable/VDSL2 modems and high-speed fiber networks (e.g. FTTx), the Vigor2130 series offers advanced secure data transfer, the MPEG standard for digital content and reliable IP telephony. The Vigor2130 series is capable of handling extremely fast speed connection speeds, which allows residential customers and SOHO users to enjoy more and multiple services from ultra-fast Internet connections. The URL content filter and IM/P2P filter gives parents the ability to filter unwanted content for their kids. The QoS control, session limit, bandwidth limit, firewall and VPN features assure versatile traffic transmission with high efficiency and security. The latest implementation (firmware version of the iTunes/DLNA server on the USB ports provides residential users with more advanced multi-media file sharing capability.

More advanced features of Vigor2130 series = Models: Vigor2130, Vigor2130n & Vigor2130Vn)

The IPv6 deployment on Vigor2130 series allows users to plan for home automation, e-learning and more personal interactive applications while IPv4 is migrating to IPv6 along with faster broadband. Our enterprise-level WLAN security deployed on the Vigor2130 series helps users to utilize IEEE 802n Wi-Fi applications while protecting the network from intruders. The four Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000 LAN) auto-sensing ports facilitate home networking for bandwidth-intensive applications. Through the combination of Gigabit WAN and Gigabit LAN ports, bandwidth usage is optimized. Downstream data and voice packets for Triple play will be flawlessly received by endpoint devices, such as streaming HDTV, desktop/laptop clients, IP cameras, analog/IP phones and other home electronics. Aside from being used for iTunes/DLNA server functionality, the USB ports can also be connected to printers, USB flash/hard-drives (adding NAS capability), and 3.5G mobile broadband. If the primary WAN connection drops, a connected 3.5G USB modem can be used as backup for uninterrupted internet access. There is no delay for critical data transmissions such as IP surveillance.




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