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Tuesday January 11, 2011


“Torchlight” Coming to Xbox 360

By LadyDragon

2011 International Consumer Show (CES)

LAS VEGAS--( PC dungeon-runner Torchlight comes to Xbox 360 as a part of Microsoft’s House Party promotion in Spring 2011. Runic Games, Inc. ("Runic Games"), a specialized developer of PC-based entertainment software in the United States, announced today that their critically acclaimed ARPG Torchlight has been developed for Xbox 360. Published by Microsoft, the console version of Torchlight will be available for download on XBLA beginning Spring 2011 as part of Microsoft’s House Party lineup.

“We couldn’t be happier to bring Torchlight to Xbox LIVE Arcade,” says CEO Max Schaefer. “This is what the fans have been asking for. Torchlight for the Xbox 360 is a new way to experience a great game, and we’re thrilled to work with Microsoft to bring it to fruition.”

Microsoft announces their full House Party lineup, including Torchlight for the 360, at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), in Las Vegas, NV.

Torchlight sales are estimated at over 750,000 worldwide and continue strong. Development of the multi-player sequel, Torchlight II, is underway.

For more information on Torchlight, gamers can visit the official website at

About Runic Games, Inc

Runic Games is a developer of PC-based entertainment software, designing games that focus on quality, approachability, and fun. Runic Games is staffed by a team with experienced members, including leads on "Diablo," "Diablo II," "Diablo II: Lord of Destruction," "Fate," "Hellgate: London" and "Mythos." Torchlight won the GDC Award for Best Debut in 2009. Runic Games, a subsidiary of Perfect World Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ:PWRD), is located in Seattle, Washington, United States.




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