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Tuesday January 11, 2011


Ty, a Sleek New Personal Loss Prevention Device, Debuts at CES

By LadyDragon

2011 International Consumer Show (CES)

LAS VEGAS--( Innovations 2011 Design and Engineering Award Honoree. Ty, a sleek, unique to the market, cloud and Bluetooth enabled disc, the size of a poker chip, that attaches to personal possessions and keeps track of the things we value most, will be unveiled at CES as an Innovations 2011 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree at a press event on Thursday, January 6th at 2:00 pm, Ty Booth #35750 hosted by celebrity co-founder Aiden Turner.

Ty believes in preventing loss rather than having to search for lost items and is unlike any other product on the market, balancing technical sophistication with ease-of-use. Ty operates simply by downloading an app to a Smartphone, enabling the Ty disc to control simultaneously a wide range of personal possessions -- up to 7 items (wallet, laptop, keys, pets, children, even spouses).

Ty has great range anywhere and allows users to track belongings up to 50 feet away in the most unexpected places. Unlike other devices, Ty has distance, location intelligence and two-way functionality. The Ty cell phone application warns the user when separated too far from the Ty items via audio and visual warnings with three sensitivities based on how close by the users wants the objects.

The notifications adjust automatically for different items and environments using location (phone GPS), and preset 'safe zones'. This feature conserves power and frees the Ty user from false or late alarms. Conversely, the Ty warns the user via LED/buzzer if the cell phone is left behind. Currently, Ty will operate on most Smartphones, except the iPhone.

Ty has the longest battery life available on the market, lasting up to 3 weeks. Ty has an instant response time, letting users know in less than a second if your possession is out of range. Ty measures 39mm x 5.9mm, one of the most compact Bluetooth consumer devices available,. Ty snaps together with accessories such as a key chain and a money clip to attach to property.

Ty will be available in March 2011 through, retail price of $70, accessories ranging from $5 to $30.




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