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Wednesday January 19, 2011


Na Li's interview after her win over Evgeniya Rodina at the Australian Open 2011

By LadyDragon

Australian Open 2011

MELBOURNE, Australia--( Li's interview after her win over Evgeniya Rodina at the Australian Open 2011

Q. A big improvement on your first round match. You looked good tonight. How did you feel about your game?

NA LI: Not like special. I just stay my way, my tennis way. Yeah, because I mean, this girl, I even didn't know her before. Like I didn't see her practice, I didn't practice with her. You know, I mean, she have good feeling, good hands.

I was feeling many ball I can hit a winner, but she still come back like deep and she run me a lot today.

Q. Is there more improvement there? Can you improve your game as the tournament goes on?

NA LI: Maybe I win last week so maybe I feel more confident. I just hope like continue take this confident to see how far away I can go.

Q. How far do you look into the draw to see your opponents coming up? One game at a time, or look a bit further and think, Well, the run here is pretty good?

NA LI: No, I only looking one round. Because, you know, before I always looking like the draw, Oh, I can be like quarterfinal or something, and I always lose first round, second round.

After I just say, Okay focus. Don't think about too much. Yeah.




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