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Thursday January 20, 2011


Gilles Simon's interview after his lost to Roger Federer at the Australian Open 2011

By LadyDragon

Australian Open 2011

MELBOURNE, Australia--( Simon's interview after his lost to Roger Federer at the Australian Open 2011

Q. Well played. Did you feel you were really going to win that match at some stage, especially when you came back to two sets all? Did you feel you had it in you to win?

GILES SIMON: Yeah. I was playing to win. Of course. At the moment, I had the impression that I was playing just a little bit better than him.

Finally, at the beginning of the fifth, he played a very good game. I think we were 1 All, Love 30 on his serve. Then he played four good points in a row. Two from the baseline and two aces. He started to be better on his serve and on the second shot. It was harder after.

I think he played a great match also.

Q. What did you think made the difference from the first two sets? He looked in control for most of that time. Did he lift your game or did you drop off a little bit?

GILES SIMON: Well, you need time to get used to his game. It's going fast; he's moving fast also. He can play one forehand for me, and the other one the same. It's just impressive.

There is not too many players able to play this level, so it feels a little bit strange. You just look at the ball, and you have yeah, you have the impression that you cannot do anything at the moment.

But the thing also is I was doing one mistake every game on my side, and I was just thinking about not doing it anymore. I just wanted to play my match. I was feeling good. I had also the impression that I could do better than that, a little bit better.

Finally, managed to come back. But not enough.

Q. Did you get a little tired right at the end?

GILES SIMON: Yes, I was tired. I had to run everywhere for three hours. There is not too many players who can play longer than me, but Roger is one of them. He was moving still very fast until the end. Maybe that's why it gives the impression that I was dropping down a little bit. But I was still feeling good.

Q. Even though you lost, you got to take some positive out of that to push a player of that quality, especially after injuries and so on you've had over the last couple years.

GILES SIMON: Well, of course it's good to play this kind of match. At the Australian Open it's almost better. The problem is I lost second round, and tomorrow you will forget it and I will have to work for the next tournament. It will be different.

I'm just sad that I had to play Roger this soon in the tournament. I was feeling good. I was hoping to play a very good tournament, but the draw was tough. Even with a very good match from me, it was not enough.

Q. You have been up to 6 in the world. You must be thinking you're on the right track to get back to where you were, if not higher.

GILES SIMON: At the moment I'm feeling better. I can move as I want and it's good for my game. The thing is I'm not seeded anymore so I have to come back as soon as possible with the ranking, because the three slams I played since I came back, I played Andy third round in Murray in Wimbledon; Rafa third round in the US Open, and now Roger second round. It's hard to win every time.

Q. What do you think it is about your game that causes Roger so many problems? He's had problems against you, particularly your forehand. He seemed to be really surprised by it.

GILES SIMON: Well, I think that he is playing so well. And when I played the two first sets, I had the impression that I am so bad, because I cannot do anything. I feel like he's in control, he can do whatever he wants. At a moment, I just think, It's enough. I have to do something. I have to hit everything and take some more risks.

It's not easy when you play some other players with, I mean, same level. It's always fight, four games all, five games all, so you never want to give the easy point.

But against Roger and he wins 6 3, 6 2, one hour, you cannot do worse than that. Even if you missed everything, it's 6 0 and it's done.

So I have to up my game a little bit. I feel that on the court, and that's why I'm playing my best match against him.




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