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Tuesday June 21 , 2011


Francesca Schiavone defeated Jelena Dokic 6-4, 1-6, 6-3 at Wimbledon 2011

By LadyDragon

LONDON.--( How did the break play out, the break for rain? What effect do you think it had on the game?
FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: For me it was fantastic because really I start the third set and I couldn't understand why she was playing so aggressive and I couldn't move her. So at the end I say, Something is not working. Of course, when they put the roof, I went back to the locker room and I spoke with Barazzutti. He say something to me, something that was really important. So I came back and I was playing better.

Q. He told you to work more on moving her around?

Q. Were you impressed by Jelena? Do you think she can make it back into the top 30?
FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: Of course she can. She can play really well. But, you know, tennis is a very special sport, so you have to play every tournament in high level for years and years. So I think she's coming back, but she need more time. For example, today in the third set, she had opportunity and she didn't catch. So I think will be tough then to beat her.

Q. Were you surprised how much a test she gave to you?
FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: No, I was not surprised. I know that was really, really tough match.

Q. How did you find it under the roof?
FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: I think is much more compact and looks smaller. So I felt a little bit more comfortable than when was open. For me personally, Wimbledon is with no roof. But it's great for English people to have the roof. I think is the first time they use, no?

Q. They used it last year.
FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: Last year one time, yeah. So it's great for Wimbledon.

Q. Actually, it was the fourth time.
FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: But I hope that the weather condition will be better.

Q. Is there any effect underfoot with the roof on?
FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: Really I don't know exactly. But I think is a little bit, a little bit faster. But I'm speaking about not big difference I think.

Q. Are you happy with your form?
FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: I'm happy to win. This match was really tough for me. So I think keeping going playing, I have much more chance to play better. So for next round, I hope to improve really, yeah.

Q. You played against Li Na in the French Open final. What do you think the impact of her victory has had in her country and around the world?
FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: You should tell me, not me. You are the reporter. You know much more number and interview. I don't know. But China has how many million person? So I think is good for tennis. But is good also for a country like that. I think in five, six year, will be a lot of Chinese people in the circuit, ATP and WTA. Will be dangerous.




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