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Tuesday June 21 , 2011


Jelena Dokic lost to Francesca Schiavone 6-4, 1-6, 6-3 at Wimbledon 2011

By LadyDragon

LONDON.--( How disappointing was that, given the way you were playing before the rain delay and also afterwards?

JELENA DOKIC: Yeah, uhm, it was pretty disappointing. I thought I was getting on top of her, well, that second set and beginning of the third so... Yeah, it happens. I'm not the only one that it happened to here. It's happened many times. Also today was one of those times for me as well. So, yeah, I just really have to learn a lot from this match. It's very disappointing. Very, very disappointing. But just have to try to get over it quickly.

Q. Is it a loss of momentum or more a change of conditions?

JELENA DOKIC: Maybe both actually. I think, uhm, I did lose some momentum. She did a couple things differently that she didn't do up until that point. But, yeah, I lost momentum on my serve quite a bit. So, uhm, that made quite a big difference. And I think my first serve percentage really went down, which is very important in the third. If I served like I did in the first and the second, I, you know, maybe would have won because I was very close to breaking her even in that last game, so... Yeah, but also, yeah, the conditions, as well. The roof and everything was fine. But I think, yeah, I felt like I was playing better before the rain.

Q. What effect did the break have on your ankle? Did you get some treatment?
JELENA DOKIC: Yeah, I did. It didn't affect my game. I did twist it. I felt it. But I was still warm, so it was fine. It didn't stop me from continuing to play.

Q. Is it frustrating, particularly this sort of loss when you've done so well this year and you've got back to Centre Court?
JELENA DOKIC: It's not about the Centre Court. For us it's normal. It's just another tournament. We get to play in big conditions a lot, like big courts and stuff. So it's not about that. But I felt like I had a chance at the French Open, the match that I should have won, and also today. So that just kind of hurts a little bit. So hopefully that will turn somewhere (smiling). Yeah, I was just unlucky today, I think. She came up with a few great shots when she really, really needed to, that usually maybe she wouldn't have. For me was the other way around. So, yeah, uhm, yeah, just disappointing.

Q. Looking forward, does today convince you you can continue your way up the rankings the way you have been?
JELENA DOKIC: I think I played a good match. Of course, there's always things to improve, you know. I definitely have still things myself that I really want to work on and really improve. But, yeah, I have to continue, you know. The year is still long. As much as this is disappointing, I'm going to use the next two weeks to practice and, yeah, decide on my schedule, what I'm going to do. You know, I'm in a very good position with my ranking and getting into all the events. So I haven't been in that position in five, six, seven years. So, uhm, it definitely makes things easier that I don't have to worry about what I'm gonna do next. So, yeah, but, yeah, this will be hard to take. It will hurt for a couple days. I'll be thinking about, you know, what I could have done differently. But, yeah, I've got to move on. I'm having a good year. I would like to get just some more consistency in my matches in tournaments, and that's it. I'm sure I'll have great results again.

Q. Is your movement one of the things you'd be keen to work on?
JELENA DOKIC: Yeah. I think, yeah, just in general girls, you always try to do that, play to open court and move the girls. Especially a lot of girls don't move so good forward. She doesn't have that problem. But, yeah, I think I improved a lot in that area. But of course there's still work to be done there. So, yeah, that will be one of the things. But, uhm, there are also some things in my game I would like to work on. I did them, you know, a couple times today. It's been going good in my matches but I want to do it even more.

Q. You said you didn't know how you'd feel walking onto Centre Court. Was it an emotional feeling walking back out there?

JELENA DOKIC: No, I mean, it was normal. I tried to not think about that so much, just tried to look at it as another match. So, yeah. But it was good, you know. The court was full. There was a lot of people watching. It was good atmosphere. You know, we played three sets. So, you know, it was good. It was nice to play. Would have been just nice to win.

Q. Do you have a goal rankings wise that you think you can get back to?
JELENA DOKIC: Obviously next goal would be top 30, being 45 now. I will try to get that, work hard for that until the end of the year. I would be like to be seeded at the Australian Open to avoid first rounds like this. So, yeah, maybe if I played her in the third round or something, then, you know, you have even more matches would have been different. So, uhm, yeah, that's my next goal. I'm in a position where I can kind of think about that now. That also helps for the other tournaments, as well, to be seeded, avoid early tough rounds. Then you can play yourself into the tournament.

Q. Are you available for the next Fed Cup?

JELENA DOKIC: Yeah, sure. I don't know. I think that's not until next year, so yeah, why not? Yeah, it was very tough the last tie because, you know, I got sick and tired, so I couldn't make it to Melbourne. But, yeah, I would love to play the next one. I think it's after the Australian Open, so yeah.

Q. Could you expand a little bit on the things you need to learn from this match today.
JELENA DOKIC: Uhm, well, I think that rain delay was big. It changed a lot. I think I started a little bit slow. I just didn't put enough pressure on her. I kept on putting pressure on her in the second set, you know, hitting some big shots, but still not going for too much. I got in the groove of that. That's why I started winning. I think the same was at 1 All in her service game, as well. So I kind of backed off a little bit for a game or two and was kind of putting balls in and hoping things would happen. Then I made a couple of errors. Then my serve went down. So, uhm, yeah, maybe I should have just started a little bit better, a little bit more aggressive, you know. And that game at 4 3 on my serve where I had 30 Love in the third, that was a really bad game because I did two double faults and an easy mistake off a great serve. So, yeah, that shouldn't have happened. She didn't give me anything like that. Actually, she did. She broke me at 2 1. I broke her straight back. But at 4 3 in the third, I shouldn't have had a game like that. I got to learn a lot from that, what to do when I get in that situation again, you know, whether I got tight or whether it was nerves or whatever it was. But I have to, uhm, really learn from that because that was a huge game. And I even had chances in the next game to break. So, uhm, yeah, I should have been more solid on my own serve.




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