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Tuesday June 21 , 2011


Gael Monfils wins ovedr Matthias Bachinger 6 4, 7 6, 6 3 at Wimbledon 2011

By LadyDragon

LONDON.--( I just want to know how satisfied are you with today's performance?

GAL MONFILS: It's good to win a first match in slam, especially in grass. It takes a little bit time to feel really good on grass, so I'm happy to win in straight set today.

Q. What about the next round?

GAL MONFILS: I don't know. I didn't see. I don't know who...

Q. You are playing Slovakian qualifier, Grega Zemlja.


Q. Greg Zemlja.

GAL MONFILS: I didn't check.

Q. Do you know anything? Are you familiar with him?

GAL MONFILS: You just tell me. I don't know who I'm supposed to play. It wasn't Kendrick or... (In French.)

Q. No. He is lucky loser. Do you know anything about him, the way he plays or something like that?


Q. Never heard of him?

GAL MONFILS: Yes, I saw his name, but I don't watch my draw, you know. Just match after match. But I don't know. Just I saw I was playing Kendrick or qualifier, so now you tell me.

Q. Do you think the qualifiers have some advantage because of the bad weather in the past few days and prepare a little bit more matches?

GAL MONFILS: I don't know if it's advantage, but for sure they have good match because they need to win three matches.

Q. Two.


Q. Lucky loser. Yes, now three.

GAL MONFILS: Yeah. But I played last week as well, so it's the same. It's always tough to play a qualifier and someone you don't really know. Like today, the opponent I played, it was tough because I never saw him playing.

So it's always tough and tricky, but all I can tell you is I will bring my game Wednesday, and then I will try to impose my style. And then for sure I will see how he's playing, and I hope I will have a good match.




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