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Friday July 22 , 2011


James Wade wins over Raymond Van Barneveld at the 2011 World Matchplay of Darts.

By LadyDragon

BLACKPOOL, England--( Wade will face Adrian Lewis in the semi-final after his 16-11 leg win over Raymond Van Barneveld.

James throwing first but get broken, 1-0. Barny holds his throw for a 2-0 lead. James gets back on track and not only holds his throws but break to get back on par 2 all. Leg number 5 Barny does a 180 to bring him close but James wins his third leg in row to give him the 3-2 at the first interval of the game.

James on fire now starts the second session with a break of throw, 4-2. James fails to hit his double and Barny breaks, 4-3. Back on par now after Barny's hold, 4 all. James much sharper now and gets the lead back, 5-4. James had the opportunity to break but failed to do so therefore we back on par 5 all at the end of the second session.

They have broken each others throws twice so far. James regains the lead 6-5. Srappy leg on both parts but Barny hits the bull's eye to get back on par 6 all. They both hold for 7 all. Bad start from James but makes a good recovery to again take a lead of 8-7 going into the interval.

Barny has the opportunity to finish but does not so James takes it and breaks for a 9-7 lead. James missed his D10 and Baqrny hits his D8 to break right back 9-8. Barny misses his D16 and losses his leg, 10-8. James fired up again 11-8. Bad leg from James but he still leads 11-9 going in the interval.

James misses his D20 and losses his leg, 11-10. Barny misses the bull'eye and James breaks again to take a 12-10 lead. James misses his D20 and Barny does not finiched and James holds 13-10. After that leg James looks up and says thank you God. That lost of leg rattled Barny and James breaks again to take a commanding lead 14-10. This time James hits his D20 and now he is within one leg of victory going into the interval, 15-10. James misses D20 and the next time around he focus and hits it to win the match 16 to 11 legs.

James was always ahead from Barny and he finally got a good enough lead to relax and win the match.

James will face Adrian in the semi-final.

Phil Taylor wins over Wes Newton at the 2011 World Matchplay of Darts.




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