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Thursday June 30 , 2011


Maria Sharapova wins over Sabine Lisicki at the Wimbledon 2011

By LadyDragon

LONDON--( 0-3, Maria never gave up fought back to win the match in 2 sets 6-4, 6-3. Maria will be looking to win her second Wimbledon title, she won previously in 2004.

Sabine serving first start with an ace and holds to 15, 1-0. Oh dear, Maria start with a double fault looses the next 2 points down 0-40 double fault again to give the game to Sabine, 2-0. Unbeleivable start from Maria many errors so far and a ball in the net gives the game to Sabine,3-0. Long game from Maria with all sorts of trouble but finally she holds, 3-1. Well Maria is back and breaks, 3-2. Maria holds 3 all. Maria as turn the set upside down it is now 5-4 and Maria is serving for the first set. At 40-30, Maria serves her first ace of the match to give her the the first set 6-4 in 43 minutes.

Maria on fire now 2-0. Clouds are now covering the the court at 0-30 Sabine wants to stop playing and go into a rain delay but the empire says keep playing then Maria breaks again for a 3-0 lead. The wind has picked up. Double fault #10 gives the game to Sabine, 3-1. Maria breaks and holds again for a 5-1 lead. Sabine must hold and she does, 5-2. Maria serving for the match and it ends like it started with double fault #13, 5-3. Well Maria is determine to win, you can see it by the effort she makes on each shots and that allows her to break and win the match, 6-3.

This match is a perfect example on why Maria is a real Champion. Even though she started with a troubled serve, Maria turned the situation around with her combative spirit and emerged victorious.

Long rallies where won by Maria and when Maria got her served on tracked, Sabine made too many errors and could not keep up with Maria.

Maria will face Petra Kvitova in the Final.




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